It’s easier to control your minions this way.

The term NPC (non-playable character) Is a perfect representation of the everyday characters you see populating your world.

You can sense their negative vibrations by their profile, their energy does NOT come from this dimension. They had infiltrated this world long ago – they all operate on the same holographic system, those around you may not even be Human.

There are some NPCs out there designed to track you and attack you, they’re controlled by Vrills. It’s the same thing that happened to Hawkeye, The Eyes Are The Window Of The Soul.

With COVID-19 Via Executive Order 13818, they all have capitulated and can’t help but expose themselves, they are mindless clones programmed with A.I. – Using the Masks as a VISUAL Indication. This apples to social, media, interacting with bots designed to keep you in a low vibration. With this state of Information, they’ll never ascend beyond their own programming.

It’s designed this way, because THEY don’t want you to LEARN.

It’s easier to control your minions this way.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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