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Hey guys, how are we? So, I just received a message from From the alliance one of my contacts. Um, now I have no way to prove this. So, take it with a grain of salt, Okay? And one thing is dependent on another which is dependent on another which is dependent on another. All right? So.

Just take it with a grain of salt and it is something to Look forward. To, you know, me, I don’t like giving dates unless there is something to, you know, if there’s a reason a legitimate reason. But, um, but it kind of does line up with what other Intel providers are saying, as well. Okay, so If it didn’t line up with them, then I certainly wouldn’t be giving it, so what I was given was January 1st. Now we’re talking American eastern time, I believe or American time give or take a couple of hours. Okay, So American time January, 1st, currencies revaluate. Okay? Which we know Iraq and all of, you know, all of that January 2nd Notifications for 4B and liquid money for all tiers and groups, January 5th. Remember, we’re talking American time and January 5th. Med beds released, and available to the public around the world globally, every country, every part of the planet.

Okay. Now they also said the release of the med beds to the public is dependent on the notifications to 4B. Being released notifications for 4B. Being released is dependent on the currency’s revaluating on January 1st. So, when January 1st kicks off and the currencies reevaluate, which they should the next day, If everything goes well, okay, making sure everything goes well, that there’s no hitches. Okay? So don’t get your hopes up. This is just for knowledge. Making sure. Everything goes well on January 1st, with the revaluing of the currencies. Then notifications for 4B, then January 5th, everything going well, with the notifications, January 5th is the med beds available to the public now.

What does that mean? For humanitarians Absolutely nothing.

Nothing has changed. So humanitarians will still take priority over the public. Okay. So, Let’s just say you’re in a large city and you have, let’s say five million people. And there’s 50 000 people that bring up to book their appointment And you’re a humanitarian, you’ve just received your funds and you’ve done your Redemption appointment. They will take you ahead of everyone else, except the people that is on life support and actually about to die. Okay, so nothing has changed for humanitarians. It’s just, you will be in the centers being treated alongside the public, But humanitarians that dependence, Uh, the funding people, their dependence the managers and so on. And so on will take priority over those being treated in the public. So it’s almost like you’re the humanitarians are in a private sector, but within the public, almost like a private hospital within the public hospital.

If that makes any sense at all, But you get what I’m saying. Okay. So you don’t need to worry about the public going before you, you will still be triaged amongst the humanitarians But ahead of the public.

So, if you’re in a waiting room, waiting for your procedure, you might be the only humanitarian with 30 public people, you will always go before those public people unless there is a life-threatening situation, you know something like that major accident or someone in the waiting area has had a heart attack or something like that. Okay, so do not worry, nothing has changed for humanitarians, the only thing is, you will be having your procedure within the public, but ahead of the public. Okay. So provided that in a couple of days, remember January 1st is only a handful of days away, not in months and months and weeks and whatever. It’s only a handful of days, so provided the currencies reevaluate and everything goes well, on January 1st Notifications for 4B and the release of the funds, for all tears, on January 2nd and that goes, well If that goes well, which it should because everything’s done. Everything’s ready. Try it and tested, Then mid bids available to the public, On January 5th. Okay.
Now this is just what I’ve been told. And like I said at the beginning, I would not give any dates. I hate giving dates because I get pissed off when dates come and go. So I know what it feels like, so I’m not one to give dates but I’ll only give it when everything lines up. And at the moment, everything is lining up and it lines up with other intel providers Intel, Okay? So it’s just for knowledge, don’t get all hopes up and everything is just for knowledge, okay? So, watch what happens? Stay rounded. This is not opium.

Is just Intel, okay? It’s only Intel. All right, so It’s just wait and see what happens. January 1st, American time and and go from there. Okay? Now they said everything going well on January 1st notifications would be Most likely between midnight and 2 am January 2nd. Okay, eight American times and I always talk Eastern American time. So Give or take a few hours, okay? Because America is wide got a lot of time zones Like Australia. So yeah, give or take a few hours but I’m I’m thinking that it’s American eastern time. Okay Between midnight and 2 A.M January 2nd. All right, but med beds have set a date for the release to the public. Should January 1st and January 2nd, go ahead. Now, I was also asked, if I would be the person to deliver the med beds or release them to the public, which I have agreed. I’m not sure if they’re going to live stream my own procedure or however they’re going to do it. I don’t know. But I’ve been asked if I will show the world. The med beds be the first to do so, and of course, I agreeed. That’s the only intelligent mostly is the med bed. So why not? and I already agreed previously. Anyway, So Yeah, that’s the Intel and hope it all pans out, and again, don’t get your hopes up and go all silly and and ridiculous. Okay, it is just Intel, so treat it as such. All right. No point. Breaking out the champagne bottles and popcorn just yet. All right, let’s see what happens. January 1st and then go from there. Okay. All right everyone. Take care and I will open the med bedroom in about an hour. All right, Just for a little while. All right. Take care. Everyone. Bye for now.