GITMO Hopping with Activity

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Mass arrests and the Global Currency Reset are the main triggers for the Event. Therefore major building activity at Guantanamo Bay military base (GITMO) in Cuba is cause for celebration. Here are three tweets from Lisa Mei Crowley about GITMO…

First tweet…

‘Navy hires firm that re-built the World Trade Center to expand the Guantanamo Bay war court complex, with Top Secret office space for lawyers defending the accused plotters of the September 11th terrorist attack’ (Herald Sun, 28th April 2018).

Second tweet…

‘More than 160 North Carolina National Guard soldiers…left for Guantanamo Bay Cuba on Tuesday where they will be deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom – GITMO’ (WNCT9, 14th August 2018)

Third tweet…

‘From a FB friend…I know a guy who works at gitmo doing the construction…he says the place has been HOPPING with activity and they are like ants building shit over there…he says the anticipation in the air is palpable.’ (JohnFromGeorgia, Twitter 18th August 2018)

It is no secret that President Trump is plowing millions of dollars into upgrading and expanding GITMO. The mass arrests must be very close. Q posts are seeding the horrific details of the cabal’s satanic activities to prepare us.

How can we be prepared for the scale of these heinous crimes against children? Today I woke in the early hours feeling physically ill after just skimming through some of the information yesterday.

Just know that what awaits those evil psychopaths is unimaginable. If they refuse to face their crimes, they could be reabsorbed by Source, never to be individual again – their entire soul identity gone forever.

So what CAN we do? We can pray. We can pray for all souls who have experienced lifetimes on 3D Earth. This 3D experiment is drawing to a close. There is no more ‘time’ left for spiritual evolution in the harsh environment of the densest school house in the Universe.

And…we can rejoice! The Light has ALREADY WON. President Trump and the Alliance have the Plan under full control. President Trump is a genius. He knows how to mess with the cabal to make them squeal with fright.

I bet there will be a grand Victory Parade in USA to honor the brave military personnel who fought for humanity’s liberation. In fact there could be grand Victory Parades in many countries, to celebrate the end of ALL wars on Earth.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)