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The RV/GCR could have gone off during the Big Call, and SHOULD have gone shortly after midnight or Friday morning, this as a result of the World Court decision and the many agreements signed

SOME banks, and we need not name them, asked for a short delay when they had to admit that they were not fully in compliance with Basel 3 and the legislative rules for liquidity

They were allowed a period of time, a matter of hours really, to come into compliance or, they were told, that they would have to suffer the repercussions of their non-compliance come Monday morning

The MSM went into news blitz mode in an effort to scare people away from having any business ties with Wells Fargo, which was enhanced and supported by the Congress talking about investigations and all the crap that goes with that

As some know, many of the government people have interests in the old cabal owned banks, which they tried hard to protect by continually delaying the roll-out, to no avail, when the World Court over-ruled everything they and Obama were trying to do to help themselves and the bankers

While the World Court made certain demands, the Chinese, who want to be supportive and diplomatic, allowed for a bit more time to prevent the banks customers to suffer any loss if their bank collapsed and went into receivership, it was to protect the people, not the bank

If there are banks that cannot meet the compliance orders and legislative rules, they will be done with starting Monday morning

There are no more days to be given or dealt with, it is written MONDAY or ELSE, we can expect the roll-out anytime between now and sometime Sunday evening, possibly as late as early Monday morning

During the wait, the military members and families who had not previously exchanged are being completed and hydrated

Without the World Court and the Chinese/Russian involvement, Obama and the other supportive government officials could have continued the endless game of delay. Any bank not in compliance will be taken down and or taken over


Banks not in compliance ….how will that affect their Despositors???


depositors will lose anything and everything under the banks control, and it will take years for the litigation to get anything back, if you even do.

There will be no bail-ins, at all…..funny thing is, all European banks except Doosh Bank had no problems, which is why Europe was allowed to do exchanges


was roll out before oct 1 always a priority?


roll-out has to be completed before the remimbi/Yuan goes asset backed. there is no public info on European exchanges, they have nda’s as well, and the UK is beholden to the US controlled cabal owned banks

What is even stranger is that this could have happened a long time ago if depositors had emptied their bank accounts and gone over to using Credit Unions or Sovereign banking institutions


I Personally Want To See How The Gold Backed Yuan can enter the SDR Basket with the Pound, Euro, Yen and Dollar all being Fiat???


there will no longer be any fiat currency in use, get over the idea