FIFTY8 Interviews / Kevin Hay + Marina Jacobi


I talk to Kevin Hay and Marina Jacobi about electromagnetic functions of reality, cognitive dissonance, ideology of Q, and what is energy, sound, vibration, frequency? We also discuss the collapse of world structures, Nibiru, the power of pyramids, the future of sharing and the event.

Sharing this type of information can be accessible by cleansing and healing the body to allow the energy to flow and receive. Without knowing the power of your system and the energy around us, we stay stuck and static. Which hurts the energetic body and consciousness of an individual.

By knowing the mechanics and properties of energy, we can better understand ourselves and this reality. Consciousness is evolving and ascending. We must turn to the new and release the old that doesn’t serve in order to move forward in love.

Kevin Hay

Marina Jacobi


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