End game UN Pedo Elite

On to June 1 and the attempt at raising the debt ceiling of the US inc.

The Cabal wants to raise the debt ceiling to avoid the inability to pay back interest to the Federal Reserve and the government running out of money.

A cornered cat makes funny jumps, so it is an internal Cabal affair to make the taxpayer pay for their Fiat Dollar fraud.

The high court does not want to take the election fraud case, everyone is putting themselves in the light of truth, all lies are coming out now.

A UN whistleblower Calin Georgescu admits the world elite are pedophiles and the PEDO agenda must be rolled out. https://t.me/RinusVerhagen/11458

Dear Grandfathers and Fathers, get out the punching irons because we are not going to allow this to happen.

Politics has betrayed us and declared war, time to stand up.

It should be clear by now what the Surcharge Affair was a premeditated plan by the IRS at the behest of the WEF Pedo Hitler Cabinet of miscreant Rutten and his fellow genocide perpetrators.

The Corrupt Judiciary filled with D66 rats as Judges want to hold the population hostage to invalid laws of a company Netherlands NV, because we are not a state, let alone a Kingdom with a wet mop like King Willy the superfluous.

So our Fake State documents are Fraud and forgery, just like the whole legislation is completely invalid because of that, because a company cannot pass laws.

Then it should now also become clear that the kidnapped Children from the Surcharge affair have been used as a means of payment for Pedophiles, Youth Care is also a supplier of Children to the Pedo Elite.

It is no coincidence that out of the 1675 abducted, 413 Children from 0 to 5 years were declared as DEAD to monetize them for the Pedo Elite, it was ever the Treasury Department stated in a secret report.

When asked where the remaining more than 1250 children have gone, the Pedo NGO politics is silent.

The conspiracy against the people and GENOCIDE that has been committed cannot go unpunished, the Geneva Convention is very adamant, that Medical experimentation falls under the Nuremberg code.

The good thing is that the worthless unsecured Dollar like the Euro are no longer accepted internationally for payments because the value is almost ZERO, and not value backed by Gold or commodities.

So whatever PEDO Joe’s his doppelganger wants to do, the LEGER can never approve this and stay on the sidelines, the Constitution of the US has been trampled and hijacked by the monarchy from the US.

Of this too we know they are all Pedophiles, all are connected to Jeffrey Ebstein, controlling them among themselves by Blackmail.

The Pedo Genocide perpetrators are panicking, NATO has been defeated in the Ukraine, just like in Crimea a referendum will be held where the people can choose to belong to Russia again.

Between Crimea and the mainland there are no more Nazis and or mercenaries of the free west WEF fascist controlled powers.

The Adrenochrome Junkies of the Pedo elite in occupied Holland were and are controlled by the Deep State from the U.S., all of whom however the coincidence is have dual national passports from Israel.

In fact they are Zionists the scum of the earth and not Jews, for Israel was after all founded by the Rotschild along with Satanist Queen Elisabeth the ruler of the commonwealth empire.

When Lady Diana, is crowned Queen as of July 25, Charles III will have to be deceased for Diana to stake her claim to the English Crown.

Since Diana once told she would be the Queen of the Harts, you can expect all commonwealth countries to regain their sovereignty.

Since the Netherlands did not exist as a state from May 18, 1940 when the Hitler administration was introduced until today, no peace treaty with Germany ever came about that gave back the sovereignty of the Netherlands.

The blog has all the info including MH370 being forced on us as MH17 with a lie: https://lettertomaxima.blogspot.com/

Queen Beatrix herself a Pizza gate Satanist commissioned the ritual murder and rape of Marianne Vaatstra to the Korlaar brothers and paid €500,000 for it.

In the video the Ex of one of these Gangsters tells what she has seen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWEw4nfhMVM&t=171s

Also here in occupied Netherlands the population is waking up, over 1.7 million Dutch people don’t pay taxes anymore with the reason that they don’t want to support a criminal organization that tout the war in Ukraine as our war.

It is the war of the Hague evil from politics who broke the armistice of World War II with Russia.

I see now all coming together, the collapse of the debt money system, the threat of war with Russia, with Russia telling that a radioactive cloud is coming towards Germany and England as a result of the Uranium weapon that England supplied to the Nazi in Ukraine, because Russia destroyed the stored weapons before they could be used against Russia.

The Staling radar was disabled by the Western Elite from that moment on to try to conceal their role in this attack.

Since Donald J Trump is the Commander and Cheff of the UPU after the Pope was dethroned all the armies of affiliated Countries are under his command.

Whatever the US Senate does to raise or not raise the debt ceiling, the Dollar is DEAD and cannot be resuscitated just like the Euro.

The moment the EBS comes, it won’t matter if Pedo Joe raised the debt ceiling or not, the Satanic rule of the Deep State rats and the rest of the world will be over.

This means that the time will come when the Internet will fail, making Banks unable to function, and NESARA / GESARA will make its appearance around the middle of June 2023.

Anyone who has participated in Pedophilia and or the GENOCIDE commissioned by the BIS, WEF and carried out and developed for the Pentagon (Darpa) to carry out the nRMA attack on the world’s population to depopulate will be tried before military tribunals where easily 1000 people can be tried for the same offense in one sitting.

Until then, get your money out of the Bank because it makes the Cabal look restless and Afraid because with empty accounts there is no stealing as happened in Cyprus, Greece and Iceland.

A population that is now aware of the money fraud will not accept CBDC, no matter what the Cabal WEF traitors in politics or Fake King’s House try, the fact that I have confronted politics for years with the end of the Netherlands and Kingdom on May 13, 1940 when we were annexed by the Nazi and as of May 18 the Hitler administration was introduced has after all acknowledged Fake King Willy, by apologizing at the 2020 Remembrance Day in Amsterdam for the Second World War, that his great-grandmother Queen Wilhelmina had fled, forgetting to mention that according to the Constitution of the time, the Kingdom had expired as well as the Constitution.

The post-war Pedo Nazis from The Hague changed the constitution in 1983.

You cannot change something that is no longer there without being open and consulting the people.

It is similar if you see a body floating in the summer, with an ice cap on and the skates tied under, then CPR is useless the person is DEAD and deceased.

I look forward to witnessing the ongoing development as this can and will change to rid the world population of a sick system.