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2018-01-22 8:58 PM dwilcock #397904

We have been waiting on some major briefings and haven’t gotten them yet.

However, we were definitely told to expect some major moves from the Alliance that would heavily damage the Cabal, and be considered serious progress.

It wasn’t clear whether we would visibly see the results of this or whether it would be more of an inside thing, but still very productive.

The time window was the two weeks beginning last Monday. After so many “deadlines” come and go without any visible results, I decided to sit tight and see what might come of this.

There were several “a-ha” moments as I read this for possible connections. I don’t think the shutdown is going to last very long. However, the idea that corrupt politicians could be arrested during this process is fascinating and seems plausible. The explanation for the very bizarre Reno quakes could also be accurate.We are definitely looking into the idea that the Hawaii Defcon 1 event may have allowed sensitive data to be transferred to the Alliance on the mainland, due to the unique nature of what such an event creates in terms of data security.It is interesting that the Clintons were provably there during this same timeframe. They may have been managing their last big “data dump” after the all-too-conspicuous house fire, and possibly getting ready to delete a lot more before this happened.
We did hear this house fire was the last straw for the Alliance as they were indeed destroying all sorts of incriminating data before their indictments become unsealed.

Also thank you, Ben, for finally starting to talk about the Secret Space Program seriously and without an air of ridicule. There are multiple levels to it and it is very real.

Of key interest is the mysterious payload that Elon Musk recently launched. This may have been done for the Alliance, as NASA was apparently Cabal-controlled and would prevent anything this useful from being put up in space. It could, perhaps, be of great help in identifying and taking out Cabal assets, such as with EMP-type strikes.

We are still waiting on the “Big Briefing” that will address these and other issues. Ben reports and you decide, and some of it is wrong but some of it is bang on the money. So this has triggered some interesting ideas!

Once we get more intel we will do another article. It is interesting that everyone has been distracted enough that the normal flow of intel has slowed to a trickle during the first half of this two-week period we were told to anticipate.

David Wilcock