After 20 years of what has felt like a non-stop emergency, David decided to take a much-needed rest, and cut the cords to all social media and public activity.

The results have been very positive. Inspiration has returned, and goals we have been working on for many years are now within reach.

This is an update for those who are interested in hearing the personal side of things before we go back to addressing the greater global concerns in the near future!

If it chaps your ass to read David talking about his personal life, and you count the number of “I’s” in an article as a death sentence, then stop now!

Run, fly, be free. There is nothing for you to see here, no “New Information.” LOL. Just hang on and wait for the next one, which shouldn’t be long.

This website should get a huge upgrade before the end of the month and we are finally prepared to launch live streaming videos on YouTube.

The vast majority of this audience is extremely positive, supportive and encouraging. I really appreciate that, and I want to thank you for standing up for me.

It has not fallen on deaf ears. Your kind words and thoughts really do matter.

I posted on my public Facebook page yesterday, which has been a rare event as of late, and it already has led to 278 comments.

Well over 95 percent of them are extremely positive and supporting. The date of the post was August 4th, 2017.

The oddly consistent phenomena of “numerical synchronicity” — unexpected patterns in numbers — also happened again when I checked it before writing this.

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