BanksHSBC ordered in food last night (Friday) and had shift changes sleeping in cots.

That’s how close we are. But even the primary RV bank doesn’t know exactly when we will start.

Saturday March 25 is suspected to be the global release date–which could mean early Sunday morning March 26 in USA.

The remainder of the first quarter is to be used for currency redemptions, which are expected to complete before China’s President Xi Jinping visits Trump at Mar-a-Lago in the first week of April.

Wells Fargo senior staff was replaced for not accepting the HSBC wire pings earlier in the week, but has now received all necessary funds for the RV currency exchanges.

Wells Fargo was not humanity’s friend or ally in this exchange process. Remember that when you select your redemption bank.

Wells Fargo is still running all off site redemption centers while HSBC who is still footing the bill for the RV and Republic government.

HSBC is still exclusively buying and selling the ZIM currency/bonds for the AIIB (Elders).


196 democratic members of Congress sent a letter to President Trump in support of a two state solution for Israel/Palestine and asked him to do the same.

Germany’s Angela Merkel called for a two state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict while hosting Palestinian President Abbas.

The Israel Knesset now faces isolating their economy from the global community unless they force Prime Minister BiBi Netanyahu (Zionists) to resign from office. He can and will be indicted at any moment.


Russian tanks have been placed in Donbass along the Ukraine boarder. Russia is done fucking around with Poroshenko. The Minsk Agreement must be signed now.

A few hundred Marines and heavy weaponry was placed in South Korea along the North Korean boarder. China and US are done fucking around with Kim Jung-un. No more nuke testing, no more threats.

Iran is dispatching naval patrol ships into the Mediterranean Sea in order to block Israel import shipments from reaching shore. Russia is patrolling the Syrian boarders by air. The entire world is done fucking around with Netanyahu. He must resign immediately and new government adopt the two state solution.

There is finally a sincere global military coordination for eradicating terrorism, ISIS, ISIL and DAAESH from the face of the earth. Whatever the race, religion and country.


Trump intentionally rushed a bill to the floor of Congress and Ryan gave him a watered down repeal and replace bill that he said could pass both the House and Senate.

But yesterday’s colossal failure to launch effectively ends the Trump faux presidency as the conservative wing of he GOP intentionally withheld votes and let him fail to guarantee his removal from office.

They hate Trump. Including Ryan, who fell on the sword in order to get rid of Trump.

The GOP also knows that the FBI is pursing a criminal investigation against Trump which includes charges of treason. So why vote in his favor.

Trump’s resignation will come by threat of impeachment or imprisonment and is now both obvious and immanent.

Conservative VP Mike Pence will be installed shortly and things will magically start to get done according to how the Chinese, Russians and Republic conservatives pre-decided to reset the country from the ground up.

This is what happens when a country goes financially and morally bankrupt–temporary chaos exchanged for long-term stability.


Notice how the populist or nationalist movements in Ukraine, Israel and USA are all being brought down in a smoking heap together during springtime (season of rebirth).

The message here is that all nations of the world must now work together to achieve the greatest possible good for all–not just for a particular country or race.

Also notice how all three countries that were led into a political and financial ditch occurred during egotistical, power hungry white male leadership–as all three can. Ke be classified as failed states, in distress and repossessed / reset by their largest sovereign creditors of color.

Trump is just the largest and last example of this global removal of white, Anglo-Saxon leadership gone dangerously awry.

Proving that the white race is neither intellectually, morally or physically superior or dominant as the 4th Reich would have had us all believe.

In fact, by definition, one could also claim that the white race is a genetically failed race in terms of soul ascension, and why it is now being removed from power and replaced by other races of color.

So does being in a race of color mean being closer to the original Will of God?

And does being without color mean being further away from God’s Will at the DNA/cellular level?

We shall know soon, as our benevolent brothers and sisters will disclose all. Sobeit.

Aloha Makualani