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Montague Keen – November 27, 2016

The Cabal is playing games with the minds of men. They do enjoy seeing you turn on each other. This is how they have always controlled you . . . it works ! Use your intelligence: who owns the MEDIA, all of it ! How can you fall for their lies every time ? They take a sentence, and just by changing one word, its meaning is completely altered. But like sheep, you all accept the Cabal lies. You are being played. The more stress, confusion, and distrust they cause, the more you lock yourselves into their control. They are the experts in this field. You are only just awakening to it. Check every statement for yourself, then decide what is actually being said.

Mr Trump is not a politician. He does not speak as a politician, so sometimes he makes mistakes. He is your only hope, so get behind him and ensure that he knows what humanity needs to have done. The will of the people is powerful and with this power behind him, the sky is the limit. This is your big chance to make the changes necessary for humanity to continue to live on Earth. Never, ever, trust the Cabal. Surely you have learned this by now. Take back your power. Wake up to the changes that are happening all around you.

The Cabal is being exposed big time for what it is. Yes, it is true, THEY ARE SATANISTS. My dear wife tried to expose this in England about 30 years ago, but the Cabal prevented it. Now, all is being revealed world wide. Do not allow it to be brushed under the carpet once again. Satanists need to drink blood, preferably the blood of babies. They eat them so that they can survive on Earth. The evidence for this is all around you. Please do not close your eyes to it, as disclosure must happen. Many who tried to expose this have been killed, some of them openly killed, as a warning to others to keep quiet. When the Cabal cannot kill you, they set up a Hollywood-style crime scene to ensure you are jailed. They never allow the case to be tried as they cannot risk the innocent person being set free. There are thousands of such innocent people locked up, all over your world, especially in America. The worst country is America; there is no justice there. You have only to look at the US Government to understand this. The US Fema Camps are all prepared, ready to lock the people up. But has their government told them about these camps? Their tax dollars were used to set them up. Questions need to be asked, as your future depends on it.

The Cabal is worried. It is losing control. Hillary Clinton was their passport to continue the control over humanity. She promised them the WARS which the Cabal needs in order to survive. But at last, you are opening your eyes. You are exposing what you are seeing and THEY DO NOT LIKE IT. You will never know how important the Brexit vote was. BREXIT WAS THE FIRST NAIL IN THE COFFIN OF THE CABAL. They never thought that the English people were intelligent enough to see through their game. Mr Trump is THE SECOND NAIL IN THE CABAL’S COFFIN. This is why Mr Nigel Farage assisted Mr Trump. Farage knew how important it was to get Mr Trump elected. Who will add the third nail ? Will it be Poland ? Many countries in the European Union want be be free from this corrupt control. The Cabal is creating a huge melting pot in Europe, to mix all the races so that there will be no more Englishman, Frenchmen, Dutchmen, etc; they plan to destroy all the European countries, including ALL THEIR HISTORY AND ALL THE EVIDENCE OF ANCIENT EUROPEAN PEOPLES. You were lied to about the European Union. Mr Nigel Farage saw through their plans and set out to expose them. We owe him a debt of gratitude.

Waking up is never easy. It is not nice to see such great evil and corruption that you had never noticed before. It is not nice to see those whom you had previously trusted, as satanic killers, and whose lies you had accepted as reasons for wars. Mr Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction is on the war path again in England. He is demanding another vote on the Brexit issue. He wants to rig it, in order to keep Britain in the EU. Who on Earth could ever trust that man again ? Mr Shirt-in-his-Underpants is exposing himself for the same cause. He is not to be trusted. The Cabal does not want to lose its power. They are using Rent-a-Voice in an attempt to keep the British under control. They are not to be trusted, ever.

These are unique times. It is your big opportunity to free yourselves from the evil control of the Cabal. Those who try to expose the corruption are attacked constantly. These attacks become more vicious every day. However, the attacks show that they are running scared. The floodgates have opened and they have nowhere to hide. They have lost the battle for the Earth. The tide has turned in favour of humanity.

Come together and you will have the freedom that human beings crave. The human spirit is ready. The energy increases every day, and as it spreads, it awakens more and more. Welcome to the new dawn, my friends.

Veronica, my dear, that attack was vicious. It was extremely severe. These attacks show that they are losing and afraid. Their efforts to prevent the young man returning to the UK only go to prove how scared they are. Your decision not to go into hospital is the right one. R will help you overcome it. You know that it is being done to you, my dear. We are at your side at this difficult time.

We surround you with love. Your adoring, Monty.
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