By: Pedohunter55  
There is already an information overload on here, so I am going to try and keep this as short as possible. The Hampstead abuse scandal is basically the UK’s version of #pizzagate but with testimonials from children and hard evidence (medical reports) that they had been a abused.The overlapping themes until now were satanism and a blatant cover ups by the media & legal system.

There’s a current thread about the Podesta’s being possibly linked to MadeleineMcCann ,so I was asking myself if Hampstead was linked to #pizzagate, what the hell would be the link? Simple google search for ‘Haiti & Ricky Dearman’ brought up this video

 ( can also be found on his vimeo) NB:( download and any other stuff on the guy before it goes down) NB2: Research the organizations mentioned

Ricky Dearman is the guy accused of abusing the children. It’s pretty clear he is as creepy as fuck. But what I want to know is why the hell is he doing a voice over for orphanages in Haiti, was he there???. So digging a little more , I found this very comprehensive blog ,documenting the link between Hampstead , Dearman and the Clintons ,over a year ago! I say link but i mean how this stuff seems bizarrely connected somehow,

“Ricky Dearman is involved in the film industry as an actor and has affiliations with ‘Supreme Master Television’, a television station airing from 14 satellite platforms and reaching hundreds of millions of households around the world. The beneficiary and focal point of this self-created spiritual hierarchy, Ching Hai is worshipped by followers the world over. Actively involved with child orphanages and schools in third world countries, she also has elite connections, including well-documented links to the Clintons (who themselves are alleged to have been involved in high level criminal activity” “In the research community, there have long been suspicions that Ching Hai works for the CIA. Supreme Master Ching Hai is also connected with the United Nations and, under the impunity afforded to ‘Peacekeepers’, is involved in many of the same activities as DynCorp’s contractors — in particular, crisis and disaster intervention, a role that places her among the world’s most vulnerable children. Former members of the sect say involvement with Ching Hai has proven to be disturbing and dangerous, while insider allegations against the sect include institutionalize child rape, child pornography, child trafficking, prostitution, mind control, ritual torture and murder involving children and animals. (source)”

another interesting quote from the blog it has been alleged by many researchers and activists following the release of the Hampstead tapes that disinformation agents have been strategically placed within circles working to validate Ms. Draper’s allegations, in a campaign of confusion and chaos designed to protect the guilty. I am not alone in suspecting this tactic was employed at recent public protests held outside the Hampstead Church, which resulted in two arrests. Where confusion and chaos inevitably reigns, so too does disinformation. This tactic is not new; it has been used against truth-seekers by governments, media and intelligence agencies for the past half-century or more.” So far what have we seen 1- Twitter shadow banning 2- Google manipulating it’s search algorithms to make sure links debunking pizza gate come first, while other content with more hits is being sent to the 2nd,3rd,4th pages. 3- Even Youtube are engaging in this behaviour, clips with more than a 100k arent even seen on first page searches, why? 4- Reddit deleted an entire thread

I know this last part is not directly relevant to the lead but it is part of the bigger picture, I don’t get the impression we are getting the message out there/

By: ListenUp

The Hampstead Cover Up has been my main focus for 2 years, I started researching it instantly the moment I first saw the video the day they came out. I have been in secret groups, started fb pages, twitter accounts and a website. I have tons of screen shots of Dearman using stupid sock accounts he used to troll us, slip ups he made, important evidence, hidden links and so much more. I know where to find all of our hidden research because we were watched by him and the other abusers. There are DEFINITLY links between these cases. All of the activists in the UK have been silenced and CANNOT communicate about this case. I have been working my ASS off to get this out into the pizzagate arena. There are only 6 of us original researchers not in the UK that can tell you EVERYTHING about this case. This piece explains very clearly the connections between CF, Supreme Master Ching Hai and Dearman. Dearman did 16 voice-overs for Ching Hai, helped build one of her “centers” and even wrote a poem for her. If you need anything, just ask…I have it or know where to find it. Peace