Bank of America Ran “Illegal” Racket

This editorial is personal. I’m going to box Bankster of America in the ears.
JUL 12, 2023

Bank of America, here I come! I am going to box this bankster, an old enemy of mine, until their ears bleed.

The bankster, of course, won’t actually feel the pain, any more than it will feel enough pain from the quarter-billion dollar fine and remediation just imposed on Bank of America by regulators to stop its clearly “illegal,” if not criminal, activity. I know it will not feel that pain enough because it didn’t feel it enough the last time something like this happened, which was back in the day when Bank of America first became my arch enemy and when I started writing about the multiple notorious banks that have turned our entire financial system into a racket rigged for the profiteering of the greediest fat-slob banksters who game the system then get bailed out time and again….

This editorial is personal in that it is about how my own personal experience relates to the “illegal” activities of Bank of America that were just settled by regulators. Bankster of Amerika became my enemy back in the early 2000s when it wiped me out because of its arrogance and greed with a simple little trick that sounds awfully similar to the trick they have been turning for years that just got them fined a quarter of a billion dollars. I doubt today’s fine will mean much because, if I recall correctly from so far back, last time they turned a similar trick, they lost the nation’s largest class-action law suit of the day. Clearly that taught them nothing, which shows the amount of money they make from their “illegal” activities must profit them more than penalties cost them. Does crime pay?

You be the judge in the present situation — and in my own history with BofA below — as to whether this BofA’s actions are criminal since it wasn’t charged in a criminal court….

—David Haggith