Babylonian Endgame – Hell on Earth

The root cause of all evil on Planet Earth is the Babylonian Talmudic Cabal

The Babylonian Talmudists’ Globalist NWO agenda has been seriously stressing our lives in almost every way possible.

by Preston James, Ph.D

This Ruling Cabal that hijacked America is working hard to asset strip us of all our wealth and to destroy our Republic and Balkanize it and take into a continuing stream of wars for their personal profits.

The more one studies what the Babylonian Talmud and its Kabbalah actually teach, the more one becomes convinced that its secret teachings advocate the destruction of the natural societal order, America itself and eventually the whole world.

The Babylonian Talmudic Cabal’s final goal is to create Hell on Earth. So far they have been pretty successful doing this in many nations of the world they have brought major war to, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

And they have done a bang up job mass-murdering lots of innocent Syrian women and children.

The Babylonian Talmudic Cabal (BTC, also known as the Khazarian Mafia, KM) specializes in the Black Arts of the Darkside.

This includes trauma-based mind-kontrol and “soul-murder”, covert assassinations of enemies of the BTC often unrecognized as such, and numerous evil human compromise operations often involving serving up young children to demented politicians and officials as blackmail bait.

The Babylonian Talmudic Cabal (BTC) basically runs the world by creating and lending Fiat, fake money at pernicious usury, and buying up, bribing and human compromising almost every single elected and appointed official and large corporate Directors.

When you can create all the money you want and need, it is quite easy to gain control over almost every single government.

Once you’ve got control you can direct the society in the direction you want to produce massive drug addictions, out of control crime, major societal breakdown and war, all of which produces massive death, suffering and destruction which is the true secret goal of the Babylonian Talmudic Cabal.

Those at the very top of the BTC run most of the world through its three key interlocked private nation-states (the City of London Financial District COL, Washington DC, and the Vatican).

This system is being used to attain a specific Globalist NWO Agenda for the BTC and it is all based on creating death, mass-death, massive bloodletting and horrific human suffering, all done to provide negative energy to their god Satan and the Darkside.

The BTC is so evil that it is unfathomable to most folks who even if told just cannot fit this sinister reality into their heads.

It is this lack of knowledge about who really runs the world and who they serve and the unmatched pure evil they do, that prevents the masses from rising up and repeating the purge of the French Revolution all over the world.

“If the masses truly understood what this small number of incredibly evil soulless perps were actually doing they would rise up in mass and hunt them down like rabid animals.”

So far the Internet is doing a pretty good job informing some the masses of this, but the process is slow and the majority of the populace will not believe the truth of all this unless it is “christened” and announced repeatedly on the evening Network world news.

This is not a likely prospect, because the nightly news is delivered by a CIA-created six part News Cartel that is functioning as an illegal monopoly, which must be broken up into a thousand pieces.

Through their secret three-part government, the BTC is working hard to implement an age-old, intergenerational, secret satanic Agenda to create Hell on Earth and reduce the population by 90% in the first round of major destruction.

Then they plan to replace humans with their own gene-spliced derivative that is combined with A.I. and mechanical bodies (e.g. a transhumanist agenda to combine “clay and Iron”).

They had been well on their way until the advent of the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, out of which a strong populist uprising is rapidly emerging — a great and unexpected concern of the BTC.

“Through their three separate secret nation-states, the BTC runs most of world.”

The Vatican is the BTC’s secret spiritual head; the COL is the BTC’s secret financial head; and DC is the BTC’s secret military and acquisition arm.

This planned destruction is projected to include a 90% reduction of the world’s population by numerous sophisticated means, including the hard-kill of war and engineered crime and various types of soft-kill, including engineered toxic GMO food, toxic additives in vaccinations, fluoride in the water and various toxic chemicals sprayed in the skies.

Advanced psychotronics can easily be weaponized by changing the specific frequencies and wave forms, and then used to create mass cancer and various illnesses, including instant death for many.

The BTC’s Globalist NWO Agenda of pure evil of course includes the destruction of natural human institutions such as the family, sex roles, basic right and wrong morality, all substituted for political correctness, diversity, “relative morality”, all kinds of strange unnatural new sex roles (the USG has now constructed a list of over fifty transsexual and intersexual roles acceptable for children and adults who have become confused).

There has been a strong movement in the public schools and certain businesses to construct special transsexual lavatories by filing lawsuits against public school systems.

The unexpected victory of Donald Trump due to an explosive emergence of massive populism has suddenly brought much of this program to create massive sex role confusion to a screeching halt.

The BTC specializes in dirtying up what they view as “dumb Goyim” by proliferating pornography, drugs, crime and perversions of every variety.

This is their stock and trade. Continual streaming of murder on TV dramas assault the human soul and serve to mind-kontrol the weak and suggestible that become prone to crime, violence and deviance.

Who specifically are the folks that comprise the BTC. John Coleman (formerly MI-6) claimed that there were 300 families that ran the world.

Some insiders who have left the BTC System have claimed it was an age old secret Satanic collection of a small number of families who date all the way back to ancient Babylonia.

Others claim it is the “Old Black Nobility” families than secretly run the Vatican.

The BTC’s commitment is to create a new Satanic order of the ages, their NWO through the creation of massive chaos, death, suffering, disability and destruction. Only then do they believe that their Satanic NWO Kingdom will arise from the ashes.

If necessary they will try to create a full scale nuclear WW3 while they hide underground in their hug network of over 140 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs).

Once they have their NWO one-world system in final form they believe they will be made eternal gods by Satan.

The number one characteristic and trademark of the Babylonian Talmudists that run the worldwide BTC through their Fiat banking is their extreme duplicity.

Anyone who climbs upward in their system must be skilled at projecting this duplicity and two-faced behavior, acting good on the outside, while secretly incredibly evil beyond imagination on the inside.

The BTC continually sics their News Cartel to lie and wrongly attack healthy political movements and populist media appearing on the Internet, calling it Fake News.

The BTC’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is of course completely controlled by their agent of control and chaos, the CIA.

A great recent example of this extreme duplicity is reflected in the almost constant recent accusations broadcast by the CMMM as if it were a factual given that the Russian hacked the DNC emails and manipulated the election making Ms. Clinton lose and that the Russians attacked and invaded Crimea and are the aggressors in the Ukraine.

These are blatant lies and yet the CMMM persists in broadcasting this duplicitous propaganda of the Babylonian Talmudic Satanic cabal that hijacked America in 1913.

Despite what traitorous Senators John McCain and (light on his loafers and still closeted) Lindsay Graham espouse continually, it’s an easily provable fact that the secret mercenary army of ISIS was created by the CIA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

The USG constantly accuses Assad and Iran of creating this, when it is actually the BTC.

It is time for the American people to be told the truth about this, and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) broken up and prevented from continuing to advance the BTC’s blatant lies and misrepresentations.

This complete duplicity because the real Fake News is their own Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) comprised of six subordinate Media Conglomerates joined at the hip and run by a large investment house based in Switzerland.

Some insiders claim this investment house that claims to be on the vanguard of investments is a derivative of the Knights Templar.

The Cabal and its Six part Controlled Major Mass Media News Cartel never expected to lose the election to Trump and are pouting.

The CMMM is blaming the Internet and accusing it of being fake news, when actually it is just the opposite, the CMMM itself is the fake news.

And it became the fake news soon after the BTC’s City of London Zionist private Central Banksters hijacked the American money creation and distribution system in 1913 with the passage of their Federal Reserve Act.

The Federal Reserve System (FRS) is not a bank, nor a reserve, nor is it any kind of USG agency at all. And it has never been audited. It issues as much fiat money its owners mandate, always enough to secretly pay off any politician or foreign banking system it desires.

The BTC’s FRS is the operational root cause of all the Babylonian Talmudic Satanic evil that has been unleashed on America and so much of the world. Its handiwork is a continuing progression of illegal, undeclared, unconstitutional, unwinnable, perpetual wars.

Right from the very start in 1913, the FRS was set up to engulf the whole world in a web of debt, progressively altered by the FRS to morph into a worldwide debt-bomb designed to destroy ever society when it crashed as deigned. It appears we are now rapidly approaching that end point.


If Satan is your god and you love the works of evil and all the earthly rewards it can provide at other people’s cost and their very lives, you will be pleased with what the Babylonian Talmudic Cabal (BTC) has planned for America and the world.

Otherwise you are going to be very, very unhappy and should be quite motivated to work to expose their evil, satanic Globalist NWO Agenda and stop it cold.

It has taken a while for the Ruling Cabal to figure out that the Internet is the new Gutenberg Press and has dealt them serious damage by creating a strong, widespread American populism.

Many if not most of their Psyops and covert ops against the American People and the American Republic have been completely exposed on the Internet to many millions in America and all over the world.

You can imagine the BTC’s concern right now and why they are working hard in special emergency consultations to try and capture this tiger.

However it is not going to be easy and may be impossible. Pandora’s box has been opened and is unlikely to ever be closed again, the genie has been let out of the bottle and can never be put back in it.

Stopping the Alternative Media on this Internet is no easy project and their best bet is to institute intermittent censorship and blockage.

If it were to become too widespread, serious backlash, even a major American revolt could occur at all levels, even inside DC, the military and the Intel agencies too.

Some insiders are now claiming that there is a huge split and rebellion inside the NSA and other Intel agencies, with some who are making sure everything is going to be leaked, including all secret phone calls and email between top corrupt politicians.

“Right now, according to well placed deep cover inside sources, the Cabal has recognized this problem and is running numerous special ’emergency’ meetings in their think-tanks, non-profit foundations and NGOs on how to neutralize the Truther disclosures from the Internet’s massive number of Alternative Media websites that are truthfully exposing their major RICO crimes.”

And the Cabal has induced some of their associates who control major Internet search engines or social media to start censoring certain Truthers.

Time will determine the outcome to this battle for our very Republic’s continued existence and our very lives which are now being seriously threatened by the Cabal.

Hopefully Americans will continue to wake up and take their Republic back from the Babylonian Talmudic Satanists who hijacked America in 1913 and who have proceeded to asset-strip our wealth, and destroy our language, borders and culture.

Stay tuned, because one thing is for sure. This battle of the ages between good and evil is now reaching it final stages.