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Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Disinformation: the spreading of false or only partially true information so as to promote incorrect assumptions, actions, or conclusions about an issue, a subject, a product, or an individual. The object of a Disinformation Campaign is usually to sidetrack whatever normal action would be the result if the truth were clearly known and presented, for example, to delay adoption of legislation.

Disinformation is commonly used against rival products, political candidates, public infrastructure projects, and proposed legislation.

Most Disinformation contains elements of truth designed to create a factual basis for part of the message, which then promotes blind acceptance of the whole message—which is false overall.

Once a Disinformation Campaign gets started the false information is passed on unknowingly by otherwise innocent people whose credibility is trusted, and spreads by word of mouth.

As a result, disinformation can come from otherwise credible sources, may contain elements of truth, and may be passed on either deliberately or unknowingly.

Disinformation is often plausible and requires deeper research to evaluate and discover the actual facts.

And here is another classic Disinformation Campaign coming at you:

Begin by taking notice of the source:, [which is probably a legitimate enough patriot organization that is making wrong assumptions and being co-opted] being “Presented by Legal Registry LLC” out of where? Oh, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, #190-626, Washington, DC 20004.

Legal Registry is at the heart of the problem. Legal Registry makes its living from “registering” everything and everyone it can possibly register— and thereby trafficking whatever is registered from the land jurisdiction to the sea jurisdiction and from your possession to the possession of various for-profit “government services corporations” acting “as” your government under Color of Law.

I have already told you —- record everything, register nothing.

Anything that requires “registration” is a demand that you give away your interest in whatever is being registered as a “donor” of that asset retaining a “beneficial interest” in the asset.

Car registration is a demand that you give away your private auto or truck to the “State of ___________”, Incorporated, which then becomes the actual owner and the State of State then gives you back a “Certificate” of beneficial interest allowing you to use their car.

This “voluntary” act on your part makes you the Donor of the asset to a “Public Trust” managed by a private, for-profit corporation acting as Trustee, and reduces you to a Leasor of your own asset. They have endeavored to do the same thing to all your private landholdings.

Thereafter, you have to pay for the privilege of re-registering what was your property every year or two—- essentially paying a tax to retain your beneficial interest in the car, which you supposedly “voluntarily” donated to the racketeers. Or a “property tax” on land that is naturally already yours.

I watched the short video being promoted at the link above, and it does contain elements of truth. The Federal Reserve Banks (and other banks) have been allowed to hold title to our assets and to prevent us from accessing the credit side of the ACCOUNTS established in our names as remedy— all in contravention of the actual Public Law. That part is true.

They do this by claiming that we are “dead”, “missing, presumed lost”.

The credit they owe us is then placed in a generation skipping trust — a giant Slush Fund for the banks — and invested by the same banks “for” us, pending our “return”. The catch, of course, is that you never get the benefit of any of this fraud.

Anyway, that much is all true and so is the fact that when you are “proven to be alive” the actual Public Law demands that they release the benefit of your ACCOUNT to you.

The rest of the information, however, is skewed.

The bankrupt governmental services corporation that FDR was “President” of was “the” United States of America (Incorporated), a Delaware Corporation set up as a religious non-profit in 1925, hence his use of the word “consecration” when he announced “The New Deal”.

But who did “The New Deal” apply to?

Not to us.

As the Conference of Governors vote on March 6, 1933 stated, this Deal with the Devil applied only to “their states and the citizenry thereof”.

So what were “their states and the citizenry thereof”?

Well, as we have documented, the actual States that are members of The United States of America (Unincorporated) federation of states were never involved in any aspect of all the incorporated “State of State” skullduggery, so it wasn’t us and it wasn’t our “states” being discussed by the Conference of Govenors.

The advent of Municipal “STATES OF STATES” was still more than a decade away (1946) at the time FDR made his speech, so the only possible conclusion is that the “states” and the “citizenry thereof” being referenced by the Conference of Governors action in 1933, were the “States of States” of the British Territorial United States– which had been established in Breach of Trust and constructive fraud to replace our actual Federal States of States “pending Reconstruction” after the Civil War.

[Territorial] U.S. Citizens were the “citizenry” subject to The New Deal, who were sold by the Roman Catholic Church to the Federal Reserve Banks as collateral backing the debts of “the” United States of America (Incorporated) which was bankrupted in 1933, together with all their personal and private assets, including their bodies and their labor.

But who was legitimately a “U.S. Citizen” in 1933 or at any other time?

Federal employees both civilian and military, federal dependents, knowing and voluntary political asylum seekers, people born in actual U.S. Territories like Puerto Rico, Guam, and the District of Columbia not having any other citizenship elsewhere, corporations actually and deliberately formed under Territorial United States auspices, and their corporate officers.

That’s it. The whole laundry list. And it doesn’t include us.

We were being “brought along” under the false pretenses that the incompetence of the moth-balled Federal States of States was an excuse to presume upon the people of the Free States of the Union.

It wasn’t a valid excuse for such false premises then and it still isn’t now.

Our States — Maine, California, Wisconsin, Alaska — are not party to any of this European-Inspired Manure Pile. Our Federal States of States have been held “in trust” under false pretenses and Gross Breach of Trust by these vermin for six generations and we have not even been given disclosure of the facts.

So the rest of the assumptions in this video — for example, that the debts of FDR’s Territorial United States — are our debts, or that his “New Deal” applies to us, are entirely fraudulent.

The idea that we need to pay those debts to “redeem” our country is also fraudulent. Those debts being held against the [Territorial] United States by the Federal Reserve Banks are in fact debts owed to us and our States — Alaska, California, Virginia, et al.

We are the Priority Creditors.

Not Debtors of any kind.

The actual Debtor is the Queen of the United Kingdom, who has by allowing the Territorial United States to enter bankruptcy, become “incompetent” and who has therefore lost claim of delegated authority and has turned over the affairs of the British [Territorial] United States to Bankruptcy Trustees appointed by the guilty banks.

These are the vermin that President Trump has been struggling with.

But we are the actual Priority Creditors of the Territorial United States, not the Banks, which are only standing in an “assumed” middleman capacity; we are blatantly and internationally informing all Principals of the fact that the Banks are not our Agents or Representatives and neither are the members of the Territorial or Municipal “United States” Congresses. Furthermore, all members of the Bar are prohibited from assuming any such position of Trusteeship or Agency related to our country. We present ourselves, in the flesh, and are fully competent otherwise to exercise the International Powers of our States of the Union.

There are now only two solutions to The Problem: (1) the Queen is prevailed upon to pay the debts of the Territorial United States which her employees and dependents ran up — knowing that she has permanently lost any claim to delegated authority related to us; or (2) we, the actual States and People to whom the debt is owed can: (a) forgive the debts of the Territorial United States after negotiation with President Trump regarding resumption of a private trade relationship, or (b) we can force the Territorial United States into Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy, liquidate its assets in receivership (which would involve all Territorial Governments worldwide and create no end of trouble for everyone, everywhere) or (c) we can demand that the Federal Reserve Banks pay the debts of the Territorial United States directly from the vast Slush Fund owed to us and its profits pending an agreement with President Trump.

President Trump needs to speak to us directly regarding this situation and reach an agreement with The United States of America [Unincorporated] going forward. This should not be difficult to do or take any long period of time, so long as we are mutually agreed — and we are — that the American States and People must be protected and the profits of the criminals used to build infrastructure and improve the lives of the victims of this vast fraud.

Remember: never register anything you don’t want to give away.

Remember: no registration is valid if the nature and result of the transaction is not fully disclosed to you.

Remember: no involuntary or coerced registration is valid.

Remember: you were never legitimately a citizen of the “United States” they are talking about, except perhaps for a period of time while working as a federal civilian or military employee, etc. or if you had no other political status available to you. [White Americans born in the States have immediate State National status; colored people are still stuck with “Equal Civil Rights” pending action to finally correct this gross injustice.]

Remember: you are a Priority Creditor of the British Territorial United States, not a Debtor thereof.

Remember: your State of the Union is competent to operate in either International Commerce or International Trade, and since the Delegated Powers have reverted to our States by Operation of Law, there is no reason for any other “state of state” or foreign principality to assume any form of Trusteeship or ownership interest in any jurisdiction of the law with regard to us or our people.

Remember: both the Territorial and Municipal United States are and were foreign entities with respect to us and though they are supposed to be under the control of our moth-balled Federal States of States, they continue to be under the control of our States, from which all the “federal” authorities derive.

Remember: all members of the Bar Associations lost their native birthright political status (as of 1819) as a result of the conflict of interest created when they accepted the title of nobility “Esquire” from the British Monarch, and they cannot regain it except by claiming Non-Disclosure and removing themselves from the Bar Association membership.

The Queen abdicated her moral accountability a long time ago and has thus far abdicated her financial accountability as well. We cannot expect honor among thieves, but we can stand our ground and demand that all those corporations and persons concerned respect the Rule of Law they have adopted for themselves.

Don’t be bamboozled into “assuming” that you or your State of the Union owe any debts, when you are in fact the Priority Creditors.

Write the words “Non-Assumpsit” in large letters and make your position clear with respect to these issues.

Please also make this information widely available to other Americans including those who have been misled by semantic deceit to assume that they are “U.S. Citizens” — when they are not.

It is, of course, not our intention to harm U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States in any way. These people are confused and have acted according to Disinformation they were literally fed and need to wake up from their nightmares.

Like President Trump, we have goodwill toward all our fellow Americans and malice toward none but the actual and knowing criminals who have acted in violation of our constitutional agreements and who have sought their own benefit at the expense of The Public Good.


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