Are Hindu Deities Extra-Terrestrials?

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Narendra Mishra

Vishnu on his mount, Garuda

Are Hindu Deities Extra-Terrestrials?

Awakening Spark, 14/9/2018

Following my last article on Intelligent Extra Terrestrials (iET), I was asked by Jennifer if the Hindu Deity Vishnu was a Blue Avian- a type of highly advanced iET that is currently assisting with the Earth’s Ascension. I post my reply below, along with further explanation.

​Whereas the Creator God, Bramha is the creator of the transcendent and immanent aspects of this universe, and is manifested physically as the Black (W)Hole in the centre of the galaxy, Vishnu is the holder of the entire spectrum of probabilities- all timelines and parallel universes. He is completely transcendent. He does often take a physical form upon the creation where he exhibits His supernatural powers, and he is very often depicted as being Bluish/Indigo in complexion.

However, I do not think he is a Blue Avian. Rather, his vehicle, Garuda, is depicted as being a Humanoid with eagle-like features and is often depicted as also being blue. Garuda is a personage in his own right and often gets up to things on his own. He is also used very often by Vishnu as His intermediary. So it is very likely that the Blue Avians (either as individuals, or as the entire race) are Vishnu’s emissaries.

To elaborate further on these concepts, let me first begin by stating categorically that Hindus believe in ONE Supreme Being. The nature of this Being is pure Consciousness, or Chitta.

This Supreme Being wishing to experience itself then caused the multi-dimensional creation to appear from within Himself/Herself. Yet, each aspect of creation, down to every sub-atomic particle, contains the original Divine Consciousness of the ONE Supreme Being. Scientific researcher Micheal Talbot points to this very concept in his groundbreaking work, The Holographic Universe.

​Hindus, along with many other ancient traditions, recognise this truth and have named the essence of the ONE as it appears in its diverse forms. Hence, Agni is the name given for the Consciousness present in fire, Varun in water, Vayu in air, and so on.

Yet, the ancient Indian sages did not stop there. They recognised that the entire Milky Way galaxy was created by an aspect of the ONE Supreme Creator. They called this Consciousness of the Milky Way galaxy Bramha, and acknowledged that there were many different Bramhas throughout all of creation- one for each galaxy.

​In essence, the Creator’s role is to bring that Consciousness into physical matter and manifestation. However, there are many different possibilities that can exist when bringing energy into matter. The results of many experiments in quantum physics point to a multitude of variables affecting the result.

Thus, the Indian sages point to yet another ‘higher’ aspect of the ONE Supreme Creator that holds all of the possibilities in pure potential. Other schools of thought such as proposed by Physicist John Wheeler consider these potentials to be manifest in/as parallel universes. The essence of this aspect of the ONE Supreme Being that holds these possibilities is called Vishnu. For more information on these concepts please see my articles on The Science of Consciousness and The Chakras.

From the foregoing discussion then, we can see quite clearly that the Hindu Deities are not in fact iET. The Hindu Deities are qualifying names for the different aspects of the ONE Supreme Being who has brought all of creation into manifestation.

​iET are also aspects of this creation, and they are also imbued with the essence or Consciousness of the ONE. They may be much advanced as compared to Earth’s humanity, yet they are not Gods themselves.


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