Archons, Anunnaki & The Controller of Everything,False Light Soul Trap,Robert Stanley



Mr Robert Stanley is Formerly a corporate journalist for HONDA Research & Development in Torrance, California, Robert is currently employed as a corporate editor for an international factory auditing service based in Hong Kong.

Tonights Podcast packs a punch with information, documentation and verification from various sources.

Decades of documented proof, UFO’s flying over Washington D.C. & a UFO even landed on the roof of the Whitehouse.

The Battle of L.A.

Robert had a friendly visit from a Unmarked Black Helicopter after he started researching certain topics.

Mr Stanley has also met Enki and he gives a description in great detail.

Gerald Clark, Mauro Biglino, Zecharia Sitchin & others parallels with the Anunnaki & Ancient Alien’s Theories.

Details and descriptions of Enki & Enlil and other factions fighting for control of an Empire that spans galaxies.

Details of the Archons, where they came from and how their influence has fractured the minds of many Anunnaki and Humans.

The Genetic Manipulations that Enki created as a scientist.

Prophecies and Ancient Scriptures correlating with the Archons & Ancient Astronauts, falling from heaven.

Humans being created for Substance, given to the Anunnaki and Archons

This reality is a Soul Confinement and the light tunnel after physical death, could be a reincarnation trap for the Archons.

The Soul Trap Web that appears to surround the outer parts of our Atmosphere.

What were the original Earth People like?

What can we do to protect ourselves and break free from this Archon Matrix of Duality?

Who created this Planet and its inhabitants and what was its purpose?

Wait until you hear about the Orion Draco Queen and her connection to Gaia!

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