A Summary of the Big Picture here on Earth! (with MSM Sources)

By TruthEarth.org

Image result for awakening memeSo I will be sharing updates that we went over at last Sunday’s meeting. It went very well and I am always very happy to see new faces who wish to connect with others of the same interests and ideas. We are definitely in a minority. However, this is rapidly changing as our solar system moves into an area of the galaxy that is full of highly charged particles/energy. This has been scientifically verified and the effects can be seen even now as we are told those who are service to others and becoming more so and service to self beings are also becoming more so. There will be changes in people’s behavior, for better or worse. This energy is gradually removing the veil that has been pulled over our eyes and everyone is awakening from a deep sleep and realizing we have been under the control of a very nefarious group of beings who are using humanity’s fear, hatred, anxiety and misery as a source of energy.

This is an unprecedented time as we have never before had access to so much information all at once in the billions of years this planet has been around. With the help of the internet, there are no secrets. Classified documents are being leaked. E-mails are being hacked and the information being dumped for everyone to see. There is little this Cabal can do to prevent a full awakening of the public.

By the way, it’s okay to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. What’s happening here on this planet has never been done before in the history of the Universe. We are literally winging it and making it up as we go. We are the pioneers of this whole thing. We have guides, but ultimately, they don’t even know how this whole thing will unfold. It will be positive, this is certain. But how it will play out it up to us and our free will. We are creating this new reality minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. I just wanted to get that out as I need to tell this to myself quite often as I will frequently feel like i’m not doing something right or not doing something enough and so on. I would recommend based on my experience so far to just go with the flow and do the best you can with what you have. Everything will work out. Positive thoughts create positive situations on the physical plane. It’s the same for negative thoughts. Anyways let’s move on in this information…=]
The United States’ population is the largest army in the world, with the majority of people owning a firearm. The Cabal knows this and has been attempting to stage shootings and rampages of all kinds in order to get these guns taken away. They cannot and will not succeed.

This whole process of awakening, disclosure and ascension/evolution is being guided by very powerful benevolent higher density beings. The entire Universe is watching what’s happening on Earth right now. I will explain why. In the beginning of the Omniverse, it logically created a polar opposite of itself. A potential. Some very powerful higher density beings decided to experiment with this potential and disconnect from Source and plunge into it. This was the birth of everything we know as evil, the opposite of a loving Universe.

After however many millions or billions of years, the final vestiges of evil or what is called the Primary Anomaly, is being absorbed and transmuted into the One and will never be allowed to occur again. Earth is the last stronghold of these beings. The rest of the Universe has been liberated. This is all according to various sources of reliable intel. Of course, I can’t decide for you what is reliable or not reliable, it is up to each of you to make that choice.

When the last of the technology holding humanity hostage is removed; very dangerous plasmic Toplet Bombs, The Event will follow.

The Event is the final liberation of Earth and thus the Universe from the Primary Anomaly. We all have front row seats to this spectacle and many, many souls wanted to come here for this time. The time we are living in has been described in at least 35 different ancient cultures, texts and prophecies.
Various Starseeds and Wanderers from higher densities answered the call to help Earth, but only so many could pass the tests to come here. Imagine how a special agent will go through a lot of training to do an undercover mission for a certain amount of time; weeks months, years, etc. Now imagine the kind of training and skills a soul would need to complete this mission on Earth for tens of thousands of years and hundreds of lifetimes. These are the souls chosen to assist Earth at this time. Not everyone got the golden ticket. But those who did are in for the lifetime of all lifetimes.

I would like to stress that no one is better than anyone in a Universe where everything is One. This is impossible. Some souls simply had the skills at the right time for this mission. Everyone is doing their part in their own way and every single person and being is important. If you weren’t here, everything would be different.

Here is an article I wrote a couple months ago that is a compilation of intel and information put out by the mainstream media about the preparations for The Event. I created two videos for YouTube that explain it in detail. There are links there to learn more about it. I created documents to give to those who may want more information about this, without the extra terrestrial aspect to this. Most people may be turned off by that idea if you give it to them right off the bat. So the sheet I created deals with Earthly matters. That is in this article:


It is important to get at least two weeks worth of food, water and supplies as the Resistance Movement has communicated this would be the maximum time to be prepared for. The banks will shut down as the financial system is how the Cabal controls humanity. Debit and credit cards will not be working temporarily. During this time the light forces will then take over communications satellites and begin to broadcast disclosure and the truth about the crimes against humanity. There will also be the mass arrests of all the Cabal members. This will be televised. This operation will be done simultaneously all across Earth. There will also be a release of classified and life saving technology.

To verify this, both the German and Czech government has issued public warnings to its citizens to gather food, water and other supplies in case of an emergency:


You who are reading these words are very important. There may be some confusion and possibly chaos while this is going on. You will know what is transpiring and what will be happening and will be in a very important position to educate others and help soften this blow of information. The positive military will back up the local law enforcements to ensure the arrests go accordingly and to prevent civilians from rioting and causing damage.

We are getting very close to this happening and for those who are just tuning in, as your free will permits, you will need to assimilate this intel and information quickly so as to be prepared when this finally happens.

There is no set date as the signal to trigger this operation will come from Source. If the Cabal goes too far and tries to destroy humanity with all of their conventional bombs or other weapons, The Event will begin immediately, regardess of the state of humanity.

This is a hostage situation. And we are the hostages. I don’t want to put you in fear, because we are being protected to a large degree. There will be no WWIII like we are being told. There is a WWIII going on, but it is financial, digital and is an information war. Earth is a very valuable planet with many kinds of life and in a very particular and highly desired spot in our galaxy and the positive forces will not allow the Cabal to destroy it.

There are currently billions of ships parked throughout our atmosphere and beyond in our solar system awaiting in case of any emergencies. They are sending love and monitoring everything the Cabal is doing. They have no where to hide. The Galactic Confederation can see where they are anywhere on or inside the Earth and even tune into their thoughts. They aren’t being allowed to leave the planet. If they try, they will be shot down. According to reliable whistle blowers like Corey Goode, this has already been happening.

This stealth war we are in right now is being shown to us in various movies. We discussed some of these shows during the meeting. The Hunger Games is a big one. Especially the most recent Hunger Games movie; The Mockingjay Part II. I highly recommend watching this movie as you will get a good idea of the type of people we are dealing with and the fact that there is a resistance working behind-the-scenes to bring them down.

I have combed The Resistance Movement’s blog and have come up with a list of all the known groups involved in this operation:


I have also written an article where I outline with mainstream media sources how much the Earth is changing and will continue to change in the near future:


Another amazing movie was Jupiter Ascending. In it there are these pale-looking humans who control these very intimidating and malevolent reptilians. They are using Earth and its inhabitants as a farm to create sustenance for these pale human beings and others in the Universe. They disclose a lot of really cool technology in this film also. Another film that disclosed this activity was Monsters, Inc. Where the monsters scare the children and use their fear as sustenance.

I have written about several other shows that depict exactly what’s going on here on Earth, I highly recommend studying this intel and knowledge to become more acquainted with the situation.


One of the things that people can do is participate in weekly meditations. I keep forgetting to mention them at the meetings, but I will try to make sure I do so in future ones. The Cabal doesn’t want us to realize the power of our thoughts. You all have the ability to change timelines with your thoughts and ideas. Just one person can do this. And when other minds come together and visualize a concept or idea, the number isn’t doubled, it is squared.


There is a meditation tomorrow September 22nd at 2:21 UTC which would be 7:21 AM here in AZ. Here is the voice-guided meditation video that we will be using:


You can convert that time for your time zone with this link:


We are doing these meditations every Sunday at 4 PM GMT which is 9 AM for those living in AZ.
There is much more information that I couldn’t possibly fit into this post or even in several months of meetings. It is all waiting to be found by you by your free will.

I love you all and hope this information was well received. I have no intention of giving misinformation or disinformation. This is all information that rings true to me and I have been able to verify much of it through mainstream sources which I include in my articles and videos. Thank you all for reading and much love to you all!


A Summary of the Big Picture here on Earth! (with MSM Sources)