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Topics: WWIII, Trump, GCR, TreasuryDirect Accounts (TDAs), Heather-HATJ, and Prime Creator

TDA’s, a Shiny Distraction, or GCR/RV Puzzle Piece? by Ascension Blessings – 7.23.17 “…one of the underlying messages I felt was Zorra’s CTA (call-to-action) for us to not only now publicize TreasuryDirect Accounts to the masses, but also to unite in-force, standing in our power against blessing resistance, to cause an energetic tipping point for NESARA. Our continued loving “pressure,” will greatly support this prosperity dam to keep cracking, and ultimately break!”

This Zorra Call is packed with information, and is only 1-hour (vs. 3 hours), so it’s definitely worth listening to the whole call!
Zorra speaks on the call from approximately 00:11:00 – 00:43:45, and 01:04:00 – 01:08:00 min
Reference: HATJ = Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Re: World War III
00:12:10 Zorra stated “At NO time will there be, what is called, a World War III (on your planet), so forget about that.” (it will not be allowed by the Galactic Federation)
Re: Trump
(Jane) “Ok, so does that mean that Trump is still in a position to bring about the GCR, presently from your point of you, or is that going to be Ryan do you think?
00:19:55 Zorra stated Or, it may be them together.
00:20:26 Zorra stated Once the Republic of the United States becomes the Republic again, (Pres) Trump will be out of work.
(Jane) “With the TDAs coming out, how is that really changing everything?”
00:21:35 – 00:23:09 (Zorra) It’s going to change everything, think about it, once the TDA, once you have full access to the TDAs, once you have full access to them, what stops at that point? Crime, for one. Crime will drop to nothing, because there will be no reason to go out and try and rob someone when you’re already rich. Wars, are a thing of the past. All of these issues with your world, will have a solution once these accounts are in the hands of the rightful owners. All of these billions/trillions of dollars in those accounts, understand, all of those trillions/billions of dollars in the accounts are all digital, there are not paper; they are not in the form of paper money, they are digital. Once you have full access to them, so many things will cease to be: Suffering, Poverty, what is called (ah) buying and sell of slaves, all of that will be gone; there is no need for it, whatsoever.
(Jane) “So part of the reason why you have supported the people trying to access their account is for people to realize the validity that you have had these secret accounts that have been, that were brought forth, that the government has used in the past, for the past 90 years or so, and utilized your own social security number for their doings, for all their control, so this is huge expose for our government, that they are actually, this is a felony, in terms of their actions, these are actual criminal behaviors coming from our government.
So what happens, I think, it ushers forth, you know people taking responsibility and owning what they already have in those accounts and bringing forth as you say debt forgiveness.  
But on a larger government level, it’s pushing that out in order to be able to see what it is behind as far as the government, so that we can bring in a new government, so that the secret covert government is then exposed of the wrongdoing.
So Heather, they say all of what she’s done, what Randy has done, all of that was a scam, all of that was bad, you know it wasn’t right that they went ahead and did that.  However what they did expose, and what went viral, is actually helping the cause for the good, for all of us to move forward.
ok, alright, so tell us a little about what happened when she there there in jail, because there was a big blackout, what happened there?”
(Zorra) “At that moment they were tryng to do, what is termed, railroad her, and they wanted no witnesses. However there were witnesses, and the witnesses were actually the people that she has had spoken with just prior to her period in court, and the ones she has spoken to, the bailiffs what is called the guards, things of this nature, she let them know of the truth behind them too, she let them know that they were also slaves, that they were also (ah) in bondage to the government.  So when this blackout came, away from the media, and all of this to keep everyone private, it did not remain private. So, they will not succeed in their endeavor to out her (HATJ).
00:27:45 (Jane) “So, tell us a little bit more about the GCR at this point Zorra.
00:27:52 (Zorra) “As we have said before the GCR is going out, you’ve hear them before, but it is rolling out and more so now especially because what is coming forth and being exposed, the TDA, the TreasuryDirect Accounts, now anyone that is born, 18-months after a child is born, an account is created by the shadow government, if you will. So everyone after 18-month of being of living, then have an account in their name, and then they become what is called a business partner unbeknownst to them. Then what is termed a loan, things of this nature, are taken out on their name, on their birth certificate.
00:34:10 Zorra stated They also know the secret is out, what is termed the cat is out of the bag, and there is no putting the cat back. So the cat is running free, and which is the TDA is running rampant. And the more people who fill out what is termed the document that has been spoken of, the 21-page document, and the factualized one. When those are filled out and sent to the appropriate people such as the Bureau of Debt, what is termed Direct Treasury Account DirectTreasury dot gov. When that is send to them, and they recognize it as being authentic and verified, and your signature was verified by a bank President, or an officer of the bank, and notarized and sent back to them, then they have a record that you are claiming your rights, you’re claiming your accounts, and then their response will be what do you with to do? And what you wish to do is, if you do not want the entire principal of the accounts, simply ask them to send all of the interest, from all of the accounts, to your home bank. And that will be more than sufficient for you, I can assure you.”
(Jane) “So are you seeing that in your vision happening, like maybe?”
(Zorra) In Days!”
(Jane) “In Days, oh very good well we’ll be happy with that if we still have to wait for the RV to come into our hands.
00:39:47 (Jane) “…You (Zorra) are very compromised at this point, since you are bringing it out, and if Heather is not on the right path then of course you’ve got to be compromised also.
(Zorra) “I can assure you beloved masters that I’m not compromised. I will also tell you that my beloved child, Zaraya, I’m not compromised either. Understand when people are speaking of compromising, they are speaking of people that channel, my beloved child does not channel, my beloved child switches places, that is not channeling.”  [Sorry DeZerro]
(Jane) “What you bring forward Zorra?
(Zorra) “Absolute truth.
(Jane) “Absolute truth?
(Zorra) “Indeed.
00:41:41 (Jane) “Alright everyone, thank you so much Zorra for that. And soPrime Creator is very supportive of what the process is, and supporting everyone that is helping to expose the secrets of our government in order for us to claim our sovereignty.

[…Zaraya, Troy and guest discussions on TDA methods/routing numbers…]

1:04:18 (Zorra) “I would say this. If you don’t try you won’t know, if you do try you’ll find out. But also understand all of you, you are the ones in charge, not the government.  You have the right to have your funds, you have the right to be free of debt, once this comes to fruition there will be no longer bill collectors, hounding you on the phone, there will be no debt collectors of any sort, and you will be completely and absolutely free financially. But if you don’t do it, you will remain where you are.”
“…Indeed it will (come out) but in the meantime don’t be afraid to do this, to take the risk…if you can do it financially and it will not harm you, then go ahead an do it. I can assure you those numbers will be freed up very shortly, for everyone, for all nations.” 
01:05:45 “So, I will tell you again, only pay your own debts (using TDAs).

Quick Zorra Updates today, July 29th

We are all ONE, and it is our time to UNITE!
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