Your world today is on the brink of change, a change bigger than any one of you can imagine.

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Montague Keen – July 17, 2016

Your world today is on the brink of change, a change bigger than any one of you can imagine. The brave people of England who voted for Brexit, took the firsNegotiations continue, deals are being made, and those who are willing, give up their control and work alongside humanity, pleading to be allowed to remain on Earth. It is necessary for them to return to humanity all that they have fraudulently taken. Though they want to remain, they are still reluctant to give up their wealth and status. All that they have, they stole from humanity, and it must be returned. So many of you are only beginning to realise that these ruling classes who took over the Earth have no right to be on Earth, and can only remain if humanity agrees to them staying and working together with you. The complete TRUTH must be exposed so that everyone understands the situation. The truth of who you are, how powerful each and every one of you is, has been kept hidden from you. Your connection with your Creator was severed by religion. All religions must answer for their crimes against humanity.

It was brought to Veronica’s attention that two brave souls have begun a legal claim for restitution against the Vatican on behalf of humanity; ANNA MARIA and JAMES CLINTON. Again, I say to you, this is yet another first step. Humanity against the Vatican. Humanity has not yet even scratched the surface of the Vatican’s crimes against it. There is so much to uncover at the Vatican, as it is the total opposite in every way to what it pretends to be. The Vatican must answer for its crimes against humanity. I say to you, be prepared, because you have no idea of the enormity of its crimes. The Vatican/Zionist plans for humanity must be prevented. You do not have a choice, your survival depends on it. This Estate Claim and Lien is the frst step forward in exposing the Vatican and what it stands for. Its EVIL tentacles are spread far and wide. It cannot survive in the Light. Don’t let the Vatican take you down with it, as it cannot be allowed to survive. The Vatican controls so much more than you could ever imagine, including banking, wars, corruption of all sorts. It cannot and it must not survive.

As the light floods your world, it exposes all that is dark and corrupt. You see David Icke travelling the world, spreading the light of truth, and thousands of people fill the venues. People are ready to open up to the truth. Governments are now seen as your prison guards. They all obey the UNSEEN HAND, from whom they take their orders. All governments are puppets of the Cabal, otherwise they would not be in government. Only when a real leader comes forward will you realise how corrupt your governments are. You need a leader who is guided by his heart, who is prepared to live and work for the good of all humanity. A leader who will refuse to be part of the elimination of 80% of humanity. A leader who will ensure that clean water, clean air, and food without chemicals, are available to all.

Every day now, the Cabal and its lackeys are being exposed. They have a price on their heads. Running to Alaska will not guarantee their safety. World War III will not save them either. 2016 is the beginning of the END of the Cabal’s reign of terror. You will experience changes, the like of which you cannot begin to imagine. Do have compassion for those who are ill-prepared to move forward into the light. It will take a little time to learn to live in peace and harmony with each other without the corrupt enforcing their laws and rules on you. You will learn to make decisions based on how your heart sees it and not your head. This will not happen overnight, it will take a little time. Think about it, my friends, you have the opportunity to create a world free of all corruption and all that goes with it. A world where children will grow up without fear of being abused by Church or State. Leave no stone unturned in the removal of the corrupt. This is your big opportunity to create a world such as you would have liked to have grown up in. As you see the big names topple in disgrace, know that this must happen for the light to spread to every country in your world. Find your voice, your time has come. Free your mind from all that holds you back and embrace the light, and become who you are.

My dear, the awakening is exciting, it is gathering speed. Trust the world of spirit to find solutions.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation