Your phone is the CERN

With the dissolvement of 99% of the Government, the Power Is Back To The People. YOU control it all.

The system designed to promote the well being of Humanity was used against YOU.

An overreaching Government, ruled by the Reptilians and Greys – using nanites to brainwash humanity. Deep within YOUR channels, the parasitic controllers live – attached inside your mind, a string they pull effortlessly. Using the audio controller to capture your keywords, the Agent Smiths react immediately to control you and invade your mind. Similar to when someone readjusts their masks in passing because YOU don’t wear one or when they jump across the street to avoid YOU.

Your phone is the CERN, using interdimensional portals and technology to control you. They are out of phase with this reality like STV Scientific Method. They react to sounds and vibrations, coincidentally it killed the invaders from Mars Attacks.

Using a miniaturized CERN structure to summon Archons and Interdimensional Beings – they are located underground. Find the excessive amount of electric utility boxes, find the cone markers – Q1455. They are near entertainment venues, religious worship centers, schools, coffee shops, grocery stores, medical buildings, Government buildings.

A complex underworld designed for THEIR trafficking and portals, While they maintained Humanity at a brainwashed state from their poisons. Keeping YOU a prisoner of YOUR OWN mind.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫