Your authorities have been trying to speed up the changes that have been set in place.



Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 24 August 2018


Mike Quinsey

Your authorities have been trying to speed up the changes that have been set in place. They have obstacles to overcome and there is a feeling that the time is approaching when some initial announcements can be made, that will settle those who are running out of patience, and in general will be accepted as a sign that the Forces of Light are finally pushing for completion. The first real steps forward should soon be followed by announcements that will so to say “get the ball rolling”. On the other hand decisions are bound by moment to moment actions to completely put the dark Ones out of action, so that they cannot impede or prevent the inevitable changes that you have long awaited. So the situation is very much fluid but the time for change is here, and the Lightworkers are doing their best to speed up the outcome.

The crux of the matter is that we can assist you because there is sufficient support to warrant it and the circumstances do lend themselves to positive action being taken. When it has you may rest assured that nothing will stop the ultimate outcome that is desired. The delay has of course helped those who have been slow to awaken and of recent times they have been greatly helped by the increase in vibrations. However, some souls have no interest at all in Ascension, because they are not ready and also have lessons to learn before they are able to think in terms of lifting themselves up. Every soul that reaches a level where Ascension can take place can ascend at any time, but as the present opportunity comes at the end of the cycle, added assistance is given to encourage as many as possible to try and be prepared.

Slowly but surely the people with different ways of life and religious upbringing are mixing with others of different beliefs, whilst it has resulted in some friction the overall gain is a more tolerant relationship. It is true to say that the differences seem much less when you understand another person’s beliefs are not far removed from your own. There is only the One God and God’s spark is inside every living creature, and experiencing side by side teaches tolerance and the realisation that human beings are very much the same the whole world over. You have a saying “but for the Grace of God go I” and if you bear in mind that you have incarnated into many different Races to further your experiences, you will realise that “All is One” in ways that may not have occurred to you previously. There is no reason why religion should create such problems providing it is not forced upon another soul and the differences are respected accordingly.

Things are already changing even if it is a slow process, and there is absolutely no way of going back even although some souls are trying all they can to hold onto that which is familiar to them. The Human Race is destined to become One Race with the same objectives and as is now starting to occur, some individuals are already of the understanding that they have potentially all within that they need to fully evolve. When the time is right you will be helped to take another step forward. There is always help on hand and all you have to do is ask for it, and it will surely be given if not exactly as you have envisaged or desired. You are never without help even in your darkest moments, but you often forget that help is always there, but you must ask for it first as otherwise it cannot be given.

You have left the dark Ages behind and are cutting your ties to it. A new vista lays ahead full of promise and your release from attachments that no longer serve your purpose. It is all laid out before you and all you have to do is to claim it. Think of the promised changes that are soon to come into view and put the problems of the past behind you. All is progressing well even if slower than you would have wished, and nothing can stop your onward march into the Light that grows stronger and stronger. It is already bringing about a new feeling of peace and happiness that is open to all souls, even if at present their experiences are still of the old vibrations. It will pass quite soon and absolute peace will descend upon Earth. It has to because it has already been ordained by the Creator.

At different times you have started to experience the new energies that are speeding you forwards, so that your concepts and understanding are enhanced. Where previously there was an ultimate level you were expected to make that was your applied limit of expression, now your future expansion is open to great advances. By your level of progress you are entitled to have the opportunity to go even further than ever before. You will find that progress is not pushed or hurried but set at levels that are perceived to be within your capabilities. Clearly there is no point in proceeding too quickly as time must be given for the new information to be absorbed and fully understood. Bear in mind that in the long run you are being prepared for a great step up in evolution to once again become Galactic Beings. Although you are quite a long way from such advances, know in your heart that reuniting with your Higher Self is returning to the level that you were at previously.

A long, long time ago you answered the call for souls to drop into the lower vibrations, to help lift up those who needed aid to assist their evolution. It meant leaving your true identity behind but your Guides were always on hand to help you back to your original level. It is only now that you are beginning to feel the expansion of your consciousness and through it a greater understanding of your true selves. In reality you are powerful beings feeling your way back to the higher levels that you came from. Do not limit your potential and think big because you are now on the path back to the realisation of your true selves.

You who are the ones awakening are going to create a pathway that will make it easier for others to follow. Having come this far the future is everything you would wish yourselves, but first the higher vibrations must be established upon Earth. As you do so the Light will become more powerful until the darkness is fully eliminated and complete peace and serenity settles upon the Earth. Never again will you be called upon to go through the same experiences, but you will use them to help others who follow in your footsteps.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God to call upon.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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