You will become free spirits, not restricted by the chains of religion or the restrictions of the Cabal.

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Montague Keen – June 5, 2016

Ramsey Clark

You will become more aware of your rights as things progress. Never willingly give up your rights, no matter what the argument to persuade you to do so. The negotiations that are being vigorously played out all around you, are becoming more desperate every day. The Cabal is still trying to hold on to its control. They fail to see that they have lost the battle and no longer have the upper hand. They were given a choice: to change, and live their lives on Earth without privilege, or instead choose extinction. Many have already chosen extinction. They are no longer on Earth.

The shift is happening, it cannot be stopped or postponed. Corruption is being exposed and removed. Their lies now fall on deaf ears. Humanity has moved on and there is a refusal to comply with the Cabal anymore. Their empires are dissolving before their eyes and they find themselves helpless to prevent it. You are each experiencing this shift in ways that are individual to yourselves. Many of you find it traumatic and wonder if you have a medical problem. It is just your body adjusting to the New Age that is fast approaching. You have been trapped in negativity for far too long. Embrace the changes as they happen. All the traps that were carefully planned and set for you are now out in the open, obvious to all, and you are not falling for them.

Reach out and protect each other, for one day it may be you that needs help. Moving out of the dark control must be a combined effort, as you are all in this together. Remove everything negative from your lives. It will take time to remove all the old negativity that has become part of living life on Earth. We expect many changes to occur in 2016. You are aware of things speeding up all around you.

You will become free spirits, not restricted by the chains of religion or the restrictions of the Cabal. Life on Earth has become a struggle for survival that has been made harder and more complicated every day. You struggle to survive the poison in your air, water, and food, and the dangerously poisonous medications they have forced on you whilst they assured you that they were good for you. Your survival of this onslaught is a miracle. You are warriors. You have fought a good battle. Now, freedom awaits you.

All the old man-made illnesses will become a thing of the past because the reason for those illnesses will be removed. Nature has provided all you require to survive on Earth, so natural products will take their rightful place once again. The constant need for wars will cease, so there will be no more killing. The extinction of the human race will cease and life on Earth will be free of fear and corruption. Find your voice and speak your truth, safe in the knowledge that you are free to do so.

You will learn the truth about the Earth. This will take a little time, as everything was altered and changed by what is now the Vatican, in order to confuse you, and ensure that you would never find the truth. Worry not, all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. Then there will be peace. The great adventure has begun. It is exciting. Enjoy it, for you have waited many lifetimes for this opportunity to create peace and harmony on Earth. A life where everyone born on the Earth will have a real chance of survival, able to live a drug-free life in peace.

Some parts of your world are making better progress, welcoming the removal of all the negativity. They are prepared to play their part in the shift. A few are still reluctant to pin their colours to the mast. I can assure them that this ship will sail with or without them. You have only to look around you at the squirming politicians, fighting for their survival. They are losing control. Once they lose the confidence of the people, they are kicked out, and quickly replaced by other ‘yes-men’. Once the light was shone on them, they did not stand a chance. They found themselves totally exposed. The Cabal does not take kindly to failure, so such individuals are replaced unceremoniously.

Be alert at all times to what is happening. Do not take anything at face value. You should have learned your lessons over the years. Be careful where you place your trust. Your oppressors come in many guises and use others to do their dirty work for them. Sadly, some people can be bought, and are prepared to sell out their fellow man for money. Such actions are not taken lightly on this side of life.

My dear, life is particularly tough. We are trying to find ways to expose the truth. Never give up hope that all will be well in the end. Trust that the outcome will be as planned. This has placed a great strain on you, so we are trying to put things right. Our love is with you, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
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