You See What Others Can’t: 4 Signs That You Are Highly Sensitive to Energy

Being highly sensitive has it’s pro’s and con’s if you are aware of your sensitivity early in life it is more likely that you will learn to turn your sensitivity into a gift sooner than later.

Becoming aware of one’s acute sensitivity later in life can seem more like a curse, but more likely this is because of the environment that surrounds us.

Honing in on this quality and focusing it can enhance your social intelligence, problem-solving, relatability, and help others become more trusting.

Here the 4 Signs That You Are Highly Sensitive to Energy:

1. You pick up on the emotions of others

You pick up on the emotions of others, to the point the feelings and thoughts of others mix with you own. The other person may not even need to be in the same vicinity to influence you, it is important to remember not to believe everything that you think.

Most importantly it is important to focus on positivity for the other person to lighten the weight on yourself and remember not to be attached to the outcome, the Universe knows what is best. Have faith.

2. Your five senses are extra sensitive (taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing)

This is one that many have experienced in youth and have been taught to suppress because it is not practical to be so highly attuned.

However, this can be one of the more practical gifts, as learning to listen to your body’s senses will enhance your health and quickly bring harmony and alignment into your life.

3. Your intuition is more developed

When you intuition is more developed it will help you decipher when someone is being truthful or deceitful. Becoming familiar with intuition can enhance foresight, as deconstructing the patterns of a person’s energy becomes clearer with experience.

Consider information with ‘a grain of salt’ and allow new information to formulate a new decision. Being in an allowing state helps the person with a strong intuition.

Also learning to ‘trust the process’ helps, but it is important to remember to address things that make us uncomfortable before it starts to make the future uncomfortable.

4. You are more reserved with who you spend your time and energy with

There are people that want to be entertained by you, people that seek satisfaction by energetically draining you, and you naturally avoid them.

This can seem to leave you out of the loop socially, but if you trust the wisdom of the universe better acquaintances will follow.

Remember as a child you were full of space and non-judgement, become full of space for something better to come into your life, but don’t forget the lessons you learned.

The genuine compassion and warmth of an energy empath makes it easy to talk on a subconscious level, as compassionate understanding is the strength that opens new loving connections in others. This should truly be seen as a gift and exercised as such.