– The White Hat Revelation

The world is now gripped by an unseen force, something far beyond ordinary comprehension. The undercurrents of the deep state, the government elites, and intelligence agencies have been shaken to their very core. It’s called “The Storm,” and its magnitude has thrown even the mainstream media outlets into sheer panic.

Rachel Maddow, a host on MSNBC, revealed during a live broadcast that some are alleging President Donald Trump wants to put mainstream media on trial for treason, with dark implications of executions. A thunderous hush fell as these words pierced the airwaves. The Deep State’s media mouthpieces are on edge as insiders within the FBI feed real-time information, confirming the existence of The Storm and its military backing.

Once, they laughed at the concept of The Storm – MSNBC, the mainstream media (MSM), and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Now, there’s no mirth left in their laughter. Even the former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, stated in an interview that he believes Trump will return to the presidency and is coming with a vengeance. But how does one with the highest classified security clearance in the U.S. know this? Clapper’s revelations have sent shockwaves through the DNC, the government, and the military.

The U.S. General, Mark Milley, once at the helm of the Pentagon, is now making his rounds in the MSM. He asserts that he’s not a traitor. His intentions are clear: he understands that Trump is preparing military operations to bring to justice those involved in the 2020 election coup.

In 2019, several months prior to the deep state launching their globalist agenda, The White Hat Military was already watching. They had been closely monitoring world events since 1987. A secret military intelligence agency, unnamed at that time, operated through the U.S. Air Force. The game-changing moment arrived when Musk’s Starlink satellites, funded by Trump’s Ezra and Kash Patel, came online. Musk’s (Q)uantum super-advanced Eye eAgle A-12 computer interconnected with the White Hat Military’s underground command station. Shortly thereafter, Trump announced the formation of the United States Space Force Military.

This force, known as the GUARDIANS, has been quietly but fiercely safeguarding American interests, critical space systems, and global allies. They operate worldwide, ensuring no day passes without space protection. Unbeknownst to many, Trump, Cheyenne Mountains, and Ezra installed Musk as the Deputy Head of the United States Space Force.

Since 2019, the USSF has captured an astonishing 80% of deep state operations, their funding, power grids, data, server data, and the full dossier on the world cabal. Safety measures are in place, for global cataclysms are looming. The SCARE EVENT, set to unravel in 2024, must expose the globalist CIA and corrupt world leaders. It’s an essential spectacle of society fighting for its freedom and the truth.

Now, the veil is lifted. The truth has emerged. The Storm is real, and Trump is returning with the military alliance and the impending arrest wars. The countdown to 11.3 begins.

🔥 Panic and pain ripple through the Deep State military divisions, the DNC, and the world’s elites as The Storm gathers power.

World Patriots, have faith. The military is the harbinger of change.

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