You have chosen to be a part of the ascension of Planet Earth

You have chosen to be a part of planetary ascension and this is essentially why you are here now. You may be feeling as though you are no longer a part of this world but know that you cannot completely take yourself out of this world because you being called to work with people who are still living in this world and in the illusion of the old paradigm.

You are learning how to adapt yourself to both worlds. And you will develop the level of unconditional love and compassion needed to do the work you have come here to do.

There are still many who do not understand who they are. These people have been called “the lost ones”, although in truth no one is ever lost. These people do not understand why their world is the way it is. They cannot accept their role as creators. They look outside of themselves for someone or something to blame, and they continue to believe that this has caused their reality to be what it is. Your work is to be among these people and to touch them with your light and with your love. This is all that is needed.You will do this by expressing the light and love within you. You will express your God Self by being the light, the vestibule, the channel (vessel/cup), the one who expresses unconditional love and compassion, understanding, kindness etc., whether that be with a smile, or by doing the grocery shopping for someone who is ill, or by washing the feet of an elderly person who can no longer do it for themselves, or by simply listening to their woes and being there for them in their hour of need. The world is filled with people in need of unconditional love and there is a multitude of different ways and possibilities open to you each day to make a difference in someone’s world, to light the spark or ignite the flame of Divine Love within.

When faced with a challenge ask yourself, “What would love do now” or “What would Jesus do?” Then allow the voice of Spirit to be felt in your heart. Allow the knowing of this to flow through you. The answer most times would be a simple one such as “Be true to yourself.” Know that when you are being true to yourself, you are to tuning into your heart, not the ego.

This is part of a series of initiations you will all go through; for all those who are wishing to embody 5th Dimensional consciousness.

You are learning to discern which choices lower your vibration and which choices support your rising energetic frequency. You will soon learn which choices are more in alignment with your highest intention because being out of alignment, even in the smallest way, will cause you to feel discomforted and unhappy.

Learning to stay out of judgment is one of the most challenging initiations you will go through before reaching the higher frequencies. The good, the bad and the ugly are all a part of you at some level. Getting your hands dirty once in a while forms part of the purification process. Become as innocent and accepting as a child. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable whilst knowing you are completely safe and protected. These are initiations into a World of Mastery.

Cease having any expectation whatsoever because expectation is a form of conditional love. Begin to see yourself as the grain of sand as well as the entire cosmos. There is nothing you are not. You created it, all of it.

We leave you with our absolute love and our blessing, and guide you to stay in your Heart, for it is there in your Sacred Space where you will find all you have ever needed and indeed, all you will ever need.


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