Yes, Virginia, There is a Galactic Council….

By Anna Von Reitz

The trillions of embezzled dollars siphoned off the American and European economies were invested in space development and exploration.  There is indeed a “Galactic Council” and it is not at all “airy fairy” or imaginary.  
There are also space technologies that have been developed, either via reverse engineering or direct application, some of which have been exploited to provide unfair advantages.  All of these issues of space development have been covered by a series of international treaties beginning in 1954.  Right now, one of those treaties, G2O2-P3, is being violated, which is why the hunt is on for the perpetrators and why the member nations to the Treaty are taking action to catch and shut down these renegade operations. 
At the risk of stating the obvious, just because you don’t know that something exists– case in point, the Galactic Council–  doesn’t give you any right or reason to disrespect more knowledgeable people who are trying to explain what is going on and why.  Feel free to question things and be skeptical until you experience or verify things for yourselves, but don’t “dismiss” anything I tell you.    Most of you haven’t even been aware that you have been living in an “international military protectorate” for over a 150 years, haven’t accounted for the giant sucking sound coming out of your wallets, and still think that your votes count.  Need I say more?  
Most Americans still don’t know that the “Reconstruction” of their government was never finished after the Civil War.  Most Americans don’t know that, yes, indeed, the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia and the UNITED STATES, INC. together with all the alphabet soup Agencies have been bankrupt and in Chapter 7 Involuntary Liquidation since 2015.   
As a result of not knowing, or not really appreciating the fact of the bankruptcy, the same Americans also don’t know that the DOD and PENTAGON and FEMA and a great many other entities have been shuttered and in the process of closing down for five years —- a process that is just now being completed as they are required to “vacate” the premises for a period of ninety (90) days.  
You want to know how long the Covid-19 Hoax prevails?  Exactly ninety (90) days. 
I have recently had to explain that “the PENTAGON” no longer exists, except as a skeleton crew of auditors and property managers, that there are groups of former PENTAGON employees, both White Hats and Black Hats who have been left adrift because of the shut down, many of whom have continued to operate as volunteers in little enclaves around the country.  
We just had a nasty skirmish between Black Hat Mercenaries and White Hat former PENTAGON forces in Michigan.  We have cause to think that this was precipitated by another violation of the G2O2-P3 Treaty and we are busy tracking down the participants and the funding sources for this unauthorized quasi-military activity on our shores.  
Let’s be perfectly and blatantly honest with the Pope and the Queen.  They are responsible for tracking down and cutting off the funding for all such activities contrary to our public peace and safety.  
The shut down of the PENTAGON is actually a good thing.  It was largely redundant, just as the DEPARTMENT OF LABOR was redundant.  We have been paying for multiple “Defense Agencies” — layers and layers of them—  we have had “the” Department of Defense, The Department of Defense, “the” DOD, THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, and on and on, not to mention the DIA, CIA, DARPA, FEMA, DHS, etc., etc., etc.,  and most of them did nothing but siphon off money and resources or provide defense services for other countries, and, of course, get into all sorts of criminal mischief on a global scale. 
Most Americans never realized that at the end of World War II we got stuck paying for the defense of Europe.  For a period of fifty (50) years we were bound to provide for virtually all the Defense costs of Europe and various other “essential” protection zones, like the Philippines and Japan.  All that came straight out of our pockets for fifty years, and when the obligation technically ended, the morons in Washington did nothing to transition us out of that obligation.  They just went on paying it all, year after year.  
Mr. Trump was the first President worth his salt enough to question this arrangement and have the timerity to ask why Europe isn’t paying more than 4% toward its own Defense costs? 
Ya think?  Maybe they should be paying more in support of their own defense?  
The PENTAGON served as an additional Municipal Government nerve center and coordinator for all this “extra duty” around the world.  
This is how and why “the US” wound up having, supporting, and paying for over 900 military bases scattered around  200 other countries. Hello?  Are you beginning to wonder what else you don’t know?  What else has been hidden right in front of your faces that you paid for as good little “TAXPAYERS”?  Like the entire “Secret” Space Program, which was never so secret?  
How could it be “secret”, when companies like Boeing and Lockheed were producing anti-gravity technology engines and constructing the machinery for all of this space exploration and expansion right here on Terra Firma?  
Mr. Trump’s announcement of a Space Force is only about fifty years after the fact.  What the hey?   We’ve been paying for it all.    Should we know it exists?  Should we examine The Black Budgets?  Generations of Congressional Subcommittees and all the Presidents since Eisenhower didn’t think so.  
They thought it was perfectly all right for them to steal our money and labor and time on Earth under false pretenses, invest it “for” us, and never say a word.  
And now, even after we know what is going on —- at least some of us know —- their reaction is what?  To try to keep the old scam going or impose something even worse.  No remorse.  No sense that they did anything wrong, betrayed anyone, or failed the Public Trust. 
So the next time that someone gigs me for talking about things that you don’t all know about, and rolls their eyes toward the ceiling when I mention, for example, the Galactic Council — do me and everyone else a favor, and slap them silly?  Draw their attention to just how stupefyingly clueless they really are, and the motives that other countries and other people have had for keeping them in that condition of gross ignorance? 
How many millions of Americans would have “voluntarily” contributed 30-40% of their gross earnings to defending Singapore, if they had known where their tax dollars and other resources were going?  
I get up every day and one of the perennial circumstances of my life is to face the fact of how much Americans don’t know, and how much they’ve got to learn in short order.  
The learning process is expedited when you all take the attitude that you need to learn, instead of toddling along thinking that your leaders wouldn’t betray you, wouldn’t lie to you, and certainly wouldn’t cheat you out of your peace and your rights and your earnings.  Would they?  Haven’t they?  Are you awake?  Even beginning to get tuned up?   
Or worse, assuming that your Eighth Grade American History Teacher told you all that you need to know.  
Every day I am confronted with the spectacle of people playing with half or maybe a third of a full deck, not through any fault of their own, but because they have been deliberately fed pablum and yes, fairy tales. Literally.  
They live in a Hollywood dreamland where the good guys always win because they are good guys, and the President of the United States is always trustworthy and competent and sane.  They assume that they are blessed because they are Americans.  It never occurs to them that they are being farmed like sheep and shorn of their wool and slaughtered in wars for profit that benefit sleaze bags like George Soros.  
Well, time to wake up and smell the dog piles.  It’s spring.  It’s as good a time as any to face facts. Facts like the existence of the Galactic Council.  Facts like the betrayal and Breach of Trust practiced against us by both the Pope and the Queen —and the moral failure of the international community that has fed off of us and done absolutely nothing to help rectify this situation.  
Go to: and take up your actual duty to self-govern.  You may be ignorant as Pat’s Pig, but if you love this country and realize that you’ve got a lot to learn and a long way to go—- move it.