Words and Labels Create Delusions

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

This is for my friend, Sara. Yes, it’s all very true and a very good article right here:


First of all, I stand corrected. I regularly correct myself. I may be fooled into making assumptions or mistaking things like anyone else, but the Old Sieve keeps on sifting….

Ieaous is “the Word” and, so we are told, “the Word” was with God, and “the Word” was part of God…. but who or what is “the Word”? Could it be that we have finally found the true name of the Inherent Evil that confounds the whole world? The epicenter of all delusions? The rebel Angel known as Ieaous?

The Word is what ties together the consonants and creates all the variations and soft spoken meanings of words, the one Name that makes itself part of all names, the Word containing all the vowels, and a snake-like “s” at the end, seeming to guarantee The Word’s fecundity.

And there I was, faked out, assuming that Iaeous was Jesus, based on the linguistic similarities, but instead, it was a double mirror-image. Satan pretending to be an Angel of Light and the Angel of Light’s mirror reflection, too. —Always the mistaken identities.

Ieaous does equal “Jesus” but “Jesus” doesn’t equal Yashuah.

So now we have another proof if one were needed that the Bible tells both sides of The Story, a Tale of Two Gods, and leaves us to painstakingly dissect and discern the One from the Other.

And isn’t that the essence of Knowledge? When we are at One with the Universe we are at peace and all things flow for us, through us and in us, but the moment we become deluded and perceive ourselves as being separate and apart from All That Is, that is when all the trouble starts.

This self-awareness that seems to separate us from All That Is, is in fact a delusion, yet it very effectively alienates us in “I” and “Thou” as Martin Buber put it.

And words create all that trouble, all those separations, all those delusions of “I” and “You” and “Them” — both by naming and labeling things that don’t really exist, and by attaching and adding meaning to things that don’t exist.

Most of what we fight with and against are things that actually, factually, don’t exist except in our minds. I know this and that is part of what makes all the discussion that goes on an exercise in crazy-making: the delusions we live with are so pervasive, that even those who know better are obliged to speak in terms of the delusion in order to communicate with the rest of the asylum inmates.

In a very actual and factual way, The State of New York, like the State of New York, like THE STATE OF NEW YORK doesn’t exist. It is a “legal fiction” which is to say, a convenient lie. The actual land mass we identify arbitrarily as “New York” exists, but the label is just a label. It might just as easily be called New Bombay or Fiddlesticks or Puxawattomi.

In the same way, The United States of America, Inc. and The United States of America [Unincorporated] are just names of legal fiction entities, delusions created for convenience sake, one to make profit and accrue debt for the King of England, and one to be the Holding Company of all the “Powers” of the States of the Union in International Jurisdiction.

And all these things, kings, and “Powers” don’t really exist.

What exists are groups of men who believe these fictional things exist and who act accordingly.

The Anarchists among us are loving the spectacle of Imaginary States in Imaginary Countries fighting over arbitrary and imaginary Borders. There is something so delightfully insane about it, so silly, so childish.

One can see my Enemy of Record, the Immortal Karl Danielson, standing on the huge snow pile in the middle of the school yard declaring, “I am King of the Hill!” and all the rest of us rushing madly up the “Hill” to unseat the Rotter and send him rolling. So much for all those who would be king over us or king of our hills, either.

In our own smug and powerful way from Third Grade onward, we were sure that we were kings and queens, each in our own way and world. And we were, too.
Still are.

So how is it that these completely made-up fictional words, mere concepts, have exerted such a horrific power over us and left us acting like zombies?

What if we simply didn’t believe in kings or governments or corporations?

Or “war powers” or any such nonsense as “police powers” that are purportedly, but not really, separate and “different” [by virtue of the label “police power” only] from our very own right and prerogative to charge up the hill and unseat the Menace?

If you want to know where I am coming from, well, there it is. Simple as that.

No need for Political Parties. No need for Platforms. All we really need to agree on is what kind of world we want to live in. And then enforce it directly by doing what we will.

If 350 million Americans tear up their Driver Licenses next Wednesday, what’s Joe Highway Patrol going to do about it?

Not much.

Here is a stellar quote from the referenced article:

“Consider the possibility that in the same way that the entire “legal” industry basically rests on the concept/word “law,” the entire coercive political system basically rests on the concept/word “government.”

Ah, but— do more than consider, because it is the fact of the matter.

The word “government” itself basically means “control of the mind”— and that is how they control and limit and bully and steal from us: they lie to us. They convince us that because they attach a label or an attribute to thin air, it is something real.

Just walk into a Court Room and ask to see the Plaintiff named “State of California”?

So what do we have here, ladies and gentlemen? A Big, Fat, Grand Lie. And at some level we all know it, and do nothing about it, because we don’t want to face the arduous business of ruling over ourselves.

It’s time to start.


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