Witnessing the birth of the new, gold-backed, Quantum Financial System (QFS), do you notice?

The HUNTER(s) become the HUNTED

Hunter BIDEN ( +The Big Guy) and Rosa Seneca are major investors in METABIOTA Inc.: a Data Collecting service and a company partnering with industry and governments worldwide to build resilience to epidemics and engineering firm Black & Veach, which is described as “the main supplier of equipment for Pentagon biolaboratories around the world.”

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov said the Russian services have so far detected 30 laboratories in 14 settlements in Ukraine involved in “Pentagon’s military biological program” in that country.
The official claimed the fund invested at least $2.4 billion in those operations.

Nathan Wolfe founder of METABIOTA https://metabiota.com/
is partners with Peter Daszak from ECO health alliance , which is where Anthony FAUCI was funneling money for the Gain Of Function project.
Collaborators on this project include Conservation Medicine and government partners in Malaysia, Chulalongkorn Hospital in Thailand, Duke – National University of Singapore, Uniformed Services University in the USA, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the USA, Duke University Durham. https://t.me/s/qthestormrider777/6612

GHISLAINE MAXWELL a close friend with NATHAN WOLFE (aka Virus Hunter), who in 2011 published a book named “THE VIRAL STORM” about the upcoming PANDEMIC. In the book, WOLFE thanks JEFFREY EPSTEIN and Dr. SANJAY GUPTA for their contribution Support and donations.

JEFFERY EPSTEIN funding of Biolabs in UKRAINE, through money laundering schemes through UKRAINIAN banks and oil companies and oil tycoon BURISMA Mykola Zlochevsky who put HUNTER BIDEN as a board member at Burisma from 2014-2019 and helped the BIDENS funnel /money launder BILLIONS into UKRAINE.

The Web of the UKRAINE Scandal and BIDENS involvement in the BIOLABS investments, investments in METABIOTA and their DEALINGS with ECO HEALTH, FATIGUE FAUCI, DAVOS GROUP FUNDING (WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ) and their illegal Oil dealings and money laundering system is being EXPOSED which will all connect to BIDENs selling U.S. SECRETS , CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO WORLD ELITES AND SEVERAL COUNTRIES …

[Forwarded from EARTH 2.0 GENESIS]

One of the disinformation work done by the ruling elite in our country was the hatred of Gaddafi transmitted to the masses and in the news. Gaddafi was described as a great threat to our country and at the time, as an excellent job of mental washing and conditioning towards the unsuspecting population was also done today.

Today we are here to list the real reason why a man like Gaddafi was considered dangerous and why.
Thanks to Paulo Soares for the 16 points listed below.
We realize now how much this leader had done good for his country and the reasons why it was uncomfortable for the ELITE, Cabal, Sion, Khazarian Mafia …
call them what you want but if you do research they are the owners of almost everything in the world …

  1. There were no electricity bills in Libya, electricity was free for all its citizens.
  2. There was no interest on the loans, the banks were state-owned and the loans to their citizens were 0% by law.
  3. Gaddafi promised his parents would not have a home until everyone in Libya had it. The father died in a tent during his reign.
  4. All the spouses in Libya received 60,000 dinars from the government, so they bought their apartment and started a family.
  5. 5. Education and medical treatment were free in Libya. Before Gaddafi, there was only 25% literate during his reign 83%.
  6. 6. If the Libyans wanted to live on a farm, they received free household equipment, seeds and livestock.
  7. 7. If they could not be treated in Libya, the government would give them funds to go overseas for treatment + $ 2300 for accommodation and travel.
  8. 8. If a Libyan buys a car, the government has financed 50% of the price.
  9. 9. The price of gasoline was $ 0.14 per liter.
  10. 10. Libya had no foreign debt and its reserves totaled $ 150 billion (now frozen globally)
  11. 11. Part of the Libyans could not be employed after school to charge the average salary of the profession as if they were employed until they found work.
  12. 12. Part of the Libyan oil sales were directly linked to the bank accounts of all citizens.
  13. 13. A mother who gave birth to a child would receive $ 5,000
  14. 14. 40’s loaves cost $ 0.15
  15. 15. 25% of Libyans had all Ilisna diplomas.
  16. 16. Gaddafi conducted the largest irrigation project in the world known as “THE GREAT MAN PROJECT” to enable water throughout the desert country.

If this is called “DICTATURA” I wonder what democracy is?

May the soul of a great son of Africa rest in peace !!!

Those dictators that create great societies must be murdered and the country destroyed for the NWO Anti Christ government…. Remember Irak

Iraq War – A Pack of Lies


In the not so distant future, the liberal ideology will be viewed as a horrific stain on human history. Future generations will ask how people fell for this madness. Just as we find it insane that the Nazis were a well supported socialist political party in 1920s-40s Germany.

After all the crimes are brought to light and somewhat digested by the masses, the DNC will be abolished just as the Nazi party was abolished in 1945 by the Allied Control Council. Which was followed by International Military Tribunals at Nuremberg. I believe we will see something similar to address the biological weapons usage by DNC/Deep state actors in Ukraine and across the globe.


This is why you are seeing all of the far left agendas being put front and center. From the normalization of trans-genderism, pedophilia, and wokeness, to mass censorship and Orwellian surveillance, to medical tyranny, to the disregard of basic biology; these themes are being amplified. So when the time comes the DNC to be abolished, so will follow the ideologies that accompany the DNC. Along with the tyrannical leftist movements in other countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, UK.

Watch: Syria’s PM informs the senate about the West

The alliance
The following essay by Webster Tarpley, tells about the largely untold alliance between President Abraham Lincoln and Russian Tsar Alexander II, which by many accounts was key to the North winning the U.S. Civil War, sealing the defeat of the British strategic design.

This is about destroying the globalist Rotchild slave banking ideology for good.
The stage is set, now it’s time for execution. Figuratively and literally.

Charlie Freak presents a chronological timeline of Donald Trump’s major achievements since 2017, most of which has gone unreported in the mainstream, and ties this in with current activities as part of the Q Plan, and the major happenings and revelations yet to come.

This is a must watch

heavely sensored video … check one of these links

or feel free to download it yourself and share: http://www.spirit.kauwila.net/wordpress_kauilapele_new/Charlie_Freak_200720_Q_Teams_Takedown_of_the_Cabal_A_to_Z_360.mp4

The destruction of the old Guard

2016: the Brics countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa come together.

The Brics countries come together to fight terrorism: illegal drug trade, weapon trafficking and illegal tradin supported by many powerful corporations and politicians.

Putin has banned Rothschild and his New World Order Banking Cartel Family from entering Russian Territory.
After paying the debt Russia had with the Rothschild, Putin did not hesitate to inform advisers of his actions:” grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.”

During the meeting in question, Putin was clearly discontent about the secretive elite’s agenda of taking over the country.

Seems like his act of pounding his fist against the table and the promise to destroy the New World Order show clear evidence of Putin’s integrity.

According to a Kremlin source, the Russian president is indeed fighting for his country against Rothschild. Vladimir Putin claims:

They do not own the world,
and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want.

If we do not challenge them there will be other issues.
We will not be bullied by them.”


The illegitimate freezing of the Russian Bank Reserve Currency marks the end of reliability of the so called first class assets. In fact the US and the EU have defaulted on their obligations to Russia.
Now everybody knows that financial reserves can simply be stolen and many countries in the immidiate future will convert their paper and digital assets into real reserves of raw materials: land, food, gold and other real assets.

This is a must watch video

@NeonRevolt on GAB: “I don’t think people realized what just happened over the past few days,
so I’m going to try to explain what I’m seeing:

  • The Russian central bank pegged 1 gram of gold to 5000 Rubles (currently, about 50 bucks).
    Meaning: Putin basically just pegged Russian oil and gas to gold, using paper rubles as a proxy.

  • At the same time, Putin made it so that Russian gas and oil can only be purchased in Rubles.
    Meaning: Europe will need to either buy Rubles from Putin in gold, in order to buy gas and oil, or they will have to buy directly in gold.
    Which means, there will soon be a lot more demand for rubles.

Currently, the forex rate for rubles to dollars is about 100:1.

But… with 5000 rubles now equaling 1 gram of gold, and oil being priced directly in gold – you’re going to see a massive price disruption in these FOREX markets, in terms of how much gold a dollar can actually still buy.

Foreign countries holding our dollar debt notes in reserve will see less of a use for them, and will want to start dumping them, in order to get something more stable, something which holds its value. (Think Brics dumping Rothchild bank Petro Dollar fiat currency!!!)

Basically any currency pegged to gold now will fit the bill. Which means those countries – countries like Japan – will be dumping their dollar debt as fast as they can. They’re are NOT going to go down with the ship. And they will move into more stable currencies – like the Ruble.

Which will have a deflationary effect on the Ruble, making it more valuable over time.

Which means Putin will be able to re-peg the Ruble to Gold at whatever rate he wants, down the line. It’s 5000 rubles today. Tomorrow, it might be 500. And then 100. And then 10.

This also means all those excess dollars being dumped by foreign nations are about to come home and cause even worse hyperinflation than we’re seeing.

Is it any wonder Biden is up on stage pleading with Europeans for regime change in Russia?
He’s about to have masses of angry and starving people marching through the streets here at home, demanding answers.” Source: https://gab.com/NeonRevolt/posts/108026435751497428

The National Quantum Initiative Act is an Act of Congress passed on December 13, 2018, and signed into law on December 21, 2018.


The law gives the United States a plan for advancing quantum technology, particularly quantum computing. It was passed unanimously by the United States Senate and was signed into law by President Donald Trump.

  • The National Quantum Initiative (NQI) provides an umbrella under which a number of government agencies develop and operate programs related to improving the climate for quantum science and technology in the US, coordinated by The National Quantum Coordination Office.
  • These agencies include the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Department of Energy (DOE).
    Under the authority of the NQI, the NSF and the DOE have established new research Centers and Institutes, and NIST has established The Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), a consortium of industrial, academic, and governmental entities.


Mr. Trumptastic Zen Zone, [28-3-2022 14:10] [Forwarded from American Patriot]

QFS The QFS is housed in the MEGA Quantum Consciousness (QC) often called a computer.
This Quantum Conscious is Divine Consciousness that is being made available for us to use in this Third Dimentsion. The tools it brings are to necessary for us to usher in the Golden Age of Mankind. The QFS is a ledger accounting system made up of individual accounts. The QFS is only one of many Applications already housed in the QC ready to be implemented.

Each increment of Fiat currency, regardless of the National Currency used, has been given an “Electronic Digital footprint” that it uses to identify every increment of currency within the banking system. With this “Electronic Digital Footprint,” it can track any increment of currency and can identify it in any bank account anywhere in the system.
The QC records all transaction data in its permanent storage center for all time, not just 40 transfers. The QC was created out of “time,” and was injected into this timeline for use by the Alliance. It has recorded all banking records since banks began to use computers for their accounting system.

[Forwarded from Universal NEWS (John Quent)]
The Central Bank of Russia has officially announced that the Russian currency, the ruble, will be pegged to gold from March 28, 2022. The rate is 5,000 rubles per gram of gold bullion.

Mr. Trumptastic Zen Zone, [28-3-2022 14:12] [Forwarded from American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸]

The Best Part
The knowledge that the QC is penetrating into the Central Bank computers is not known to any bankers or their IT technicians. Most of the time in the past three years, when a banker tried to reroute SWIFT transfer funds to their bank trading account (so they can do overnight trading), they found out that the funds had already been transferred into the receiving account within a few moments of the transfer initiation. They could not use the funds for trading which is the source of 86% of their income.

Can you imagine some techy being fired over this because he couldn’t do what the boss wanted?
It’s not his/her fault, they have no clue what takes place. Imagine the frustration of the banker that tries to steal funds and finds law enforcement knocking at the door with a warrant for his/her arrest. Imagine the politician that gets a kickback from a country that receives foreign aid and finds their money has been transferred into an account that will hold the funds for law enforcement to investigate the origins.

The QFS knows where the money came from and where it is.
Do you suppose that this why Q says we’ve got it all? Are they stupid? I think so.

Read those 3 Executive Orders.

To understand what David Robert Steele said on Wall street etc,
What Brad Parscale said about flicking that switch to that Engine on,
What Dan Pena said on the Greatest Transfer Of Wealth in Planet Earth’s History

Mr Pool showed us STELLAR.
Stellar.Org has been showing us new commercials and DSTOQ Technology, amongst so much else.

You are watching The BRAND NEW STOCK MARKET on EARTH being formed based on real assets as Gold (XRP), Silver (XLM), Copper (XDC) etc

Russia forces EU to pay for gas/oil in Rouble: now backed by GOLD!
The death of the petro-dollar continues to unfold publicly.
The US & EU have defaulted — US Dollar is no longer the reserve currency!

In all likelihood, Russia will tie its currency not only to the gold-standard but also to the QFS.


Russian Ruble available now


NESARA GESARA is unfolding publicly!
Half of 7 billion people will NOT be using the old DS CENTRAL BANKING system.
The Petro-dollar is DEAD. The new QFS has been running for two years now.

The FALL of the CABAL is happening RIGHT NOW — big pharma, big tech, mockingbird media & hollywood, old political system & matrix corporations are all dying.

Macleod: The Only Replacement For Fiat Is A Currency ‘Credibly-Backed By Gold’

Signed already in 1900!

Gold industry taps blockchain for supply chain management and fraud prevention

Banks Are Restocking Gold At Fastest Pace In Years

Macleod: The Only Replacement For Fiat Is A Currency ‘Credibly-Backed By Gold’

So far, we have seen cryptos, plans for the introduction of CBDCs, plans to de-dollarise Asian trade, and even El Salvador adopting ….

LOBSTR is now the new Stock Market, It is being built as shown

  • PROTOCOL 18 – Allowing AMM’s & LIQUIDITY – For Company Money to be put in. “PERMISSION” & AMM testing
  • PROTOCOL 19 – The ISO20022 REGULATION & Transfer Of Wealth.


1- First question was about the quantum-system.finance tokens price, so the key there is the ratio of the total supply and price, higher price means higher market cap which is needed to cover the continents’ volume. Liquidity and volume are the key to solving todays financial system, and you cant do that with a low price. Also whats important here is the locked supply, so there will only be 500B of each quantum-system.finance token, and that solves the inflation problem.
Once Protocol 20 is officially launched and most of the money gets in there, the price or the percentage will skyrocket as it has to cover the volume! Thats exactly what I thought, as the price isn’t what should matter, but the percentage that is going to grow in the future.

  • There will be many rewards and opportunities for the people to gain, invest or save their money, also all debts cleared and almost no taxes. Its going to be a complete reset of todays financial system, as we are transferring to Protocol 20 and the new quantum financial system along with all the other quantum technologies.
  • Protocol 20 was built by IBM WorldWire, Stellar, the countries themselves, SpaceX, Armies and Space Force. Space Force is key here. (IMAGE QSNA Displayed
  • They control everything from space, they communicate with the quantum central locations on Earth, and they enable ultra-secure data transmission through quantum encryption.
  • There are already international space quantum stations, which im sure you can find more about on internet. Thats where Space Force operates from and basically they were creators of QSNA, SSA, QSAS, QSEU, QSAF and QSAU tokens.

  • Indus assets are also very important! We see big listings from each country every day, and within the coming days there are expected to be more.
  • indus.gold domain which is going to be a domain for any of the assets backed by GOLD and its the same thing as owning the physical gold, also there will be indus.health and indus.business domains, which will cover health care and support for small businesses (
    there are expected to be multiple tokens under this domain).

Sun Gold Mining Project on STELLAR. This is gonna explode when first supply is sold.
Make a lobster Account and start to become involved.
Spread the word, it is time. Be a part of history…A Major Gold Mining Project. You can search SUNGOLD BRICS.

Lets force our hands to make it explode. They are releasing bottom end supply to let you all get it cheaply. Let’s send this to number 1 on the DEX. NUMERO UNO.

Yes this is real. So basically this 1776 Law for All. 1950’s prices for All.
Quantum Suppressed Technology for All.

QFS = Rainbow Treasury Currencies backed by Precious Metals & ISO20022 US Regulated Coins also backed by Precious Metals

Instead Rothscum Central Bank Oil Backed FIAT which means Endless Wars.

This is best for all on PLANET EARTH.

No more wars, no more poverty, no more homelessness, no more illness, no more drugs, no more big tech, no more big pharma.

God’s Plan. JFK’s plan

With thanks to all researching patriots who educate us with amazing information in telegram with special thanks to https://t.me/Whiplash347/100779

These 4 new assets on cbdc-tokens.org are BRICS assets

  • DBSA – Development Bank of Southern Africa
  • BNDES – Brazilian Development Bank
  • NDB – New Development Bank
  • INNOVA – InnovaBrics Annual Conference

Do your research; become involved in the greatest transfer of wealth to help and rebuild humanity. God bless you, God bless us all.

Agatha Christie 2Q