With the MSM narrative breaking apart

With the MSM narrative breaking apart and the information releasing out of the United States bubble, The Great Awakening Is Upon Us.

Mainstream Media in Turkey And Bulgaria have started reporting about Adrenochrome, which are separate timelines converging on deltas. Which is Harvested From Innocent Children.

As COVID-19 Mask Mandates are being removed from each State, this brings more clarity about boosters and vaccines. With Graphene Oxide aka nanotechnology, inside the shots designed to assimilate you. How the Governments of the WORLD conspired against it’s own Citizens.

Via Executive Order 13818, this will bring the information to LIGHT regarding the entire COVID-19 Live Military Exercise. Including military tribunals, arrests and executions of all politicians, celebrities and anyone that touched innocent children.

No One Escapes This, No One.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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