Why are they Fighting so Hard against Judge K?

Source: Dinar Chronicles

You really want to know why they want judge K out so badly? Watch its only a couple of minutes


Break down of the Q & A –

Are we at war? Yes

If so, Law of Armed Conflict applies (thus overriding criminal law)

Referenced case law dating back to WWII establishing US citizen that aid our enemy, are enemy combatants.

In such case, they ARE tried in a Military Court.

Result of such cases referenced led to executions.

The Underlying intent of the conversation – – ‘Establish’ that if such an event was to occur now (Judge K understands and has defined the existing Supreme Court precedence) Thus, a very clever way of establishing HOW he would rule, as it relates to “jurisdictional Issues” of any such cases. So let’s assume someone was charged with aiding our enemy (like ISIS for example) and the case went to court, jurisdiction would become an issue. BASED ON THIS ANSWER AND EXISTING PRECEDENCE, It will immediately go to a military court, NOT a criminal one. Rights of the accused are different, due process is different. Penalties are different.


Judge Kavanaugh is NOT needed for a Rowe v Wade show down. He is needed for this ruling. His seating to the court, will then enable the thousands of indictments that remain sealed to be opened. AND THAT IS WHY they are fighting so hard against him.

God’s speed,