Who else wants dried grasshoppers?

πŸ¦—πŸͺ±Who else wants dried grasshoppers? πŸ˜†
The πŸ‘½ bioweapon is placed into lab grown crickets πŸ› that are entering now the food supply chain. You might think so what, in chocolate 🍫 or 🍺 they’re processed and dead 😱
Not that simple.
Thier “DNA” is not dying processed or frozen, once they meet humid and acid atmosphere of intestine, they start to grow even more.
They’re even in Covid-19 πŸ’‰ feel good 😱
Boiling them doesn’t kill it all, only with fire πŸ”₯
Soon we all will have them inside, the way how to destroy it, is not completely understood yet. But we’re working on it, for example they hate bio milk πŸ₯› and now we’re testing different magic teas 🍡 on them.
Update will follow.