White hats long ago had GAME THEORY OPERATIONS in place to counter the deep state plans

These Game Theory operations include turning LGBTQ, black lives matter, antifa and the woke liberals against Biden and more over the Elites of the DAVOS [ ds] plans////
_Incoming the LGBTQ , Antifa , black lives matter, and the liberal woke community are simultaneously rejecting the wars and the new war in Israel and turning against the deep state Obama/ Biden/ cia psychological operations ..

Behind the the scenes>]; The woke and liberals are preparing to stage the largest MASSIVE protest and riots against the Biden forced military draft that is expected to place in 2024 < _This MASSIVE revolut >WILL CONNECT to
Military LEAKS of 2024 and major exposure of the CIA corruption in unison with the military industrial complex systems and intensional war mongering ( these EXPOSURES will connect a U.S. military corruption connected to the highest military leaders//// in this moment there are huge military investigations taking place connecting the U.S. military to bribes , money laundering, blackmail networks, human trafficking rings and much much much more<<<<<<<<<///// the year of 2024 is headed for an all out EXPOSURE of the UNITED STATES CORRUPTED SYSTEMS in all three branches)))))/****

THE POWERFUL EVENTS OF 2024 are slated with the STRIKES OF THE CENTURY that will trend with European revolt against the digital currency deep state take over ( inside of Europe.. The military white hats are going to leak LEAK LEAK full corruption of the CIA. NATO war plans and full agenda of the Ukraine monetary corruption and laundering systems, bribe Systems… …
a new EXPOSURE of the vaccines deaths cover-up to COVID 19 lies and pushed agenda by the DAVOS. GATES. CIA is going to hit the EU countries…. Inviting including the World sex trafficking trade //())+

From Canada to the U.S. to the UK to Europe and beyond the WOKE, liberals and extremist leftists WILL began their revolt against the DEMOCRATIC SYSTEMS and EUROPEAN ELITES, [ DS] MILITARY INTELLIGENCE and against the deep state regimen in their countries<<<<>
.inside of Europe the deep state central digital banking currency control will face one EU’s biggest Revolts in 2024
A continuous EXPOSURE of massive corruption and digital control with obvious censorship tied to digital banking and elite control will TRIGGER THE EUROPEAN STRIKE WARS ( Massive strikers against the government and banking)///

I have been Warning of all these EVENTS to come long before people understood what was going to happen
_I was one of the very first channels to let everyone know we were going into War
( Ukraine… Middle east and people thought i was dear mongering.////.i was giving you details on how this was going too collapse NATO. And lead to UN / DAVOS / CIA MI6 EXPOSURE
_The collapse of banks and banking systems and fiat money ( long before recent news in U S. and EU of financial collapse…. But i also have you the INTEL it’s connected to COLLAPSE of Rothschild/ Switzerland cia money connected to Rockerfellers and military industrial complex).
_Musk would acquire Twitter and turn into a powerful open news source for the world
( And the military was the first to fund him through Trump… now with MUSK sponcering Tucker Carlson and bringing MEGA MAGA TRUTH of EPSTEIN/ election fraud, CIA corruption to gain of function ECT ECT ect )
_i had stated Joe Rogan was going to change his political views and go after the deep state agenda and change his stance against TRUMP ( now there are secret talks of Trump coming to Joe Rogan and joe admitting he would have Trump)
_I have been letting you know the EPSTEIN SAGA was only beginning as people lost hope in 2021 and let you all know Congress and white hats in Senate and good Elites were going after Epstein ( and this story would explode)