Where We Go One We Go All.

Using interdimensional portals, reptilians and archons – referred to as soul suckers. They performed these rapes & sacrifices harvesting to increase their negative energy they use to transmute into controlling the world population.

Having enslaved humanity with vaccines & nanotechnology – any energy could be transmuted and placed into someones body to accomplish their tasks.

Using humanity as a an endless energy source by keeping the population in a negative energy state. Infiltrating through each facet of Government and Businesses, through the education systems, newspapers, televisions, movies, advertisements, sports bars, alcohol, restaurants, games, entertainment centers and so on. Using nanites via wireless transmissions controlling people via their cell phones, mirrors, electronics, televisions, laptops they were able to control the people to the highest level.

After All Is Done And Told This Will Be Forever Known As The Greatest Plan In The World To Save Our Children and Humanity From The Physical Matrix Enslavement From Reptilians & Pedophiles Hell Bent On The TOTAL ANNIHILATION OF THE HUMAN RACE.

ThankQ President Trump And Our Fine Men And Women Of The Military.

Where We Go One We Go All.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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