What You Need to Know About Shadow People

A shadow person is an unknown creature that has been around for a number of centuries. Shadow people are one of my favorite cryptids. So I’m going to educate you readers about these strange creatures.

These entities or horrific creatures usually appear at night. They are truly terrifying to those who are unlucky enough to encounter them.

Most shadow people disappear within a moment while others linger for some time and sometimes even return many times over the course of a victim’s life. These creatures are also known to sit on a person’s chest and choke them and take their air away.

I’ve personally have experienced this. Three times in my life I have been held down at night, just between waking and dreaming, each experience was terrifying and frightening.

I could not scream and could not breathe. Although my terror was not, as far as I know, at the hands of the dreaded shadow people, it is an experience similar to what other victims have described.

There is a medical phenomenon called sleep paralysis that doctors and scientists claim is the origin of the shadow creatures. Sleep paralysis is a form of Parasomnia. It’s said to be harmless. But, don’t tell that to the people affected.

Shadow people were almost unheard of until they were mentioned by a listener on “am coast to coast” a popular nighttime radio program.

Suddenly, people started talking about shadow people and the hat man and the cloak man. It was amazing how many people were affected by and haunted by these creatures.

They thought that they were alone in their suffering from these horrific beings. Many were relieved to know that there were others out there suffering the same fate. It made people feel better to know that they had some support.

Different parts of the world have their own kind of shadow people and so you can see that it actually is a worldwide phenomenon.

* In Scandinavia shadow people are called Mares. A Mare is a woman who is damned and at night travels without the victims’ knowledge to sit on the chest of her fellow villagers and steal their breath.

* In the country of Newfoundland and in the American States of South Carolina and Georgia the shadow person is known as a Hag.

People thus affected describe a feeling of terror and a feeling of breathlessness, like a very heavy weight pressing on their chest and they are unable to move. This is notable as being called “Hag ridden”.

* In Provincetown, Massachusetts, in the year 1939 there was a creature known as the Black Flash that terrorized the villagers of that burg for around 9 years.

School children were the first to report the black flash. They were molested by this creature as they were walking home from school. After 9 years the sightings stopped and haven’t returned.

* On the island of Fuji it is called, Kana Tevoro, being eaten by a demon. Sometimes the spirt is a dead relative. People that witness an attack often say” Kania, Kania” eat, eat.

They want, if you can believe it, to prolong the attack so that they can ask the spirt or dead relative questions like “Why did you come back?”

What is the purpose of these shadow creatures? What do they want from us? Is it our souls? Do they feed off of pain and suffering and fear? Some say that they are ghosts.

Personally, I believe they are something much more horrible. Either a monster from the very depths of hell or perhaps something conceived in the tortured psyche of the human being it appears to.

Either way, shadow people have been on this planet for many centuries and will most certainly be around for many years to come.

Source and references: ParanormalHorror.com