What you and your team unravelled in the last 10 days will help unburden humanity.




Montague Keen – June 18, 2017

What you and your team unravelled in the last 10 days will help unburden humanity. When minds are open to working with the spirit side of life, the sky is the limit. It helps you to break free of oppression. Firstly, you need to understand who and what is oppressing you. You have come a long way towards finding the answers. To help explain this, I ask that you look at Ireland. DARK VEILS were placed over Ireland that prevent the Irish people from waking up to who they are. These were placed on Ireland by the Vatican and they are overseen by it and kept tightly closed. 16 VEILS were used, which hold the people in a state of unease and tension, always in fear and anxiety, never at ease. They also used three other veils to ensure the Irish never engage with their third eye. The Irish government supports these oppressors by using a very high percentage of the poison, FLUORIDE, in the water supply. This not only affects the third eye but it also destroys the health and lives of the Irish people.

The Vatican also takes control of the poor innocent children who are freely GIVEN to the Vatican through baptism and confirmation. It is your parents and educators who stand accused of sacrificing your souls. This decision was taken out of your hands. The Vatican planned that this should be so, and you suffer the consequences of these barbaric decisions. Very few survive unscathed. The Vatican even invented other “religions” in order to insure conflict and create divisions that result in war.

The information that is required to release you from this prison of control is available to all who seek it. This is your moment to free yourselves. All is laid bare before you. Never in the history of humanity has the truth been more exposed than at this time. Do you have the courage to free your soul from the slavery of doctrine? When good people come together to work with Source to free humanity, all assistance is given to them. When the chains of religion and finance that are used to bind you are removed, you will feel like a new person, free at last to think for yourself, to explore all possibilities, and to see the world in all its beauty and wonderment. You will then see your fellow man in a new light, not as an enemy. Different, yes, but each a part of this great tapestry of life on Earth.

If you had any idea what is used to manipulate, enslave and destroy the human race, by those you were taught to revere and trust, you would be horrified. But their power over you is fading fast, as each one of you who awakens, diminishes their power structure. You are seeing evidence of this every day. Rejoice in the awakening that is gathering momentum. It is exciting to watch. We are providing assistance, which is always available, just call on us.

Know with confidence that you are progressing towards your goal. You cannot be stopped. This has been ordained. Help is being made available on all levels, so take it with open arms and hearts. It is time to stop acting like mindless sheep, always obeying your evil masters. Look in the mirror and find the essence of your true self. Feel your own innate power. You are a human being, full of light, with power of thought and memory. Stop being the sheep your oppressors want you to be. Look with open eyes and minds at all the so-called leaders who moulded you into slaves to serve them. Where did they come from? They are not all human beings. Not all who walk the Earth are human, but they take on the appearance of humans. They dare not let you see them in their true form. They have technology that your minds could never imagine. They use Artificial Intelligence to control you. You cannot see them, but be assured that they can see you. They can read your thoughts. This is why they are always one step ahead, all the time. They use holograms that overshadow people and cause problems for them. They use hexes and curses when they meet. They use their collective power to disarm you and to harm you in every possible way. My dear wife has experienced this herself.

You have to consciously return to them all that they send to you. They want the Earth for themselves, they do not want you. There must be a collective intention to ensure that all who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart and do not belong on Earth, must return from whence they came. We cannot allow them to continue to destroy the Earth and all who legitimately reside on it. Please come together, unite as one to restore the Earth. Connect with your heart and soul to become who you truly are, and you will find a peace you never thought possible. As your light expands, it illuminates the truth, and it ensures that the dark has nowhere to hide.

This is a battle, and the light is winning. You are almost there. Victory is assured. Humanity has waited a long time and suffered a great deal through their wars, famines, and homelessness, all designed to bring you down and destroy you. You have survived all that was done to you, whether in the name of religion or politics, because you have right on your side. The Earth is yours; protect it and care for it. Let the love in your heart shine through you, to awaken all who may come into contact with you.

My dear, you are on the right track. Together, our two teams are achieving great things. We, on this side of life, could not contain our excitement at what we have achieved [on the 15th June]. It was monumental. Thank you, my friends, for making it possible. Your work with D E this week will be successful. It was exhausting for you, so I plead with you to rest, or you will burn yourself out. We need you to continue this work. When on Earth, I always said that we made a great team. Now, you see how right I was. Not even death could change that.

Please thank your friends on my behalf.

So happy to be your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation