What Is A Starseed? Could You Be From The Stars?


What Is A Starseed? Could You Be From The Stars? Source: http://alien-ufo-sightings.com/2016/0…

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What is a Starseed? Starseeds are beings who have come from a far distant star system and galaxies. They are highly evolved souls who have incarnated into a human body, carrying a whole variety of knowledge and they have specialized abilities.

Every starseed is encoded with a dna activation or wakeup call which unlocks at a predetermined time. The activation unlocks the potential of these starseed beings; this may happen through spiritual awakening.

Going through life most starseed’s feel like outcasts on planet Earth, they have the sense of emptiness within them and feel homesick, longing to go back to their true home. Then again there are many who have made Earth their home and are helping and guiding people with their spiritual knowledge.
What are the Starseeds Types?

There are many different types of starseeds here on Earth… Listed below are some of the most common starseed types.
Andromedan Starseeds

The Andromedan starseeds are from our neighboring galaxy andromeda. Andromedan beings are freedom seekers; they will always change jobs, homes and relationships to find their freedom. They are seekers and never comfortable being in one place for too long and often have feelings of being trapped.

They love to travel and they thrive on many types of realities. They have a passion for cars and enjoy driving fast, or even flying in airplanes. Their passion stimulates their subconscious memories of their home.

Apollonian starseeds

Apollonian starseeds thrive on learning, they love the idea of improving their abilities in any way they can. They have varied interest in taking classes to develop their skills. Simply Apollonian’s don’t allow themselves to be limited to anything. They hate being labeled or limited in their roles.

Apollonian starseeds know they have work to do on Earth; they have taken on a healing approach mainly because of their deep connection to earth and her needs. They have early recognition of energy fields, auras and spirits; they are very much drawn to spiritual learning as way to find answers and information
Arcturians Aliens

Arturians aliens are deep thinkers; they are the ones with strong personalities and deep inner strength. On the surface they appear hard, but they are very capable and powerful. They have a feeling that they have a important purpose in their life.

Arcturians don’t seem to have many close friends, or intimate relationships but instead they have casual friends. However if they were to accept you as their close friend, know that you have been carefully considered.

Lyran starseed

Lyran starseeds are all about their mission here on Earth. They are interested in space travel and astronomy or science fiction. Often Lyran starseeds are master at healing and are the ones who founded Lemurian civilization.

Lyran beings often see other people’s potential. People are attracted to them and acknowledge their authority. They appear confident, chilled and sometimes they can be serious. They don’t like keeping their family and friends close, they seem to be very independent.
Pleiadians and Sirians

Pleiadians and sirians have been here on Earth for a long time. The pleiadians are very ancient, they have traveled many places in the universe, pleiadians are a humanoid type of race. Pleiadians are very sensitive, loving and compassionate. They always carry pleasant and gentle energy. They want everyone to be happy and be at peace. Sirians have deep connection with Earth and the energies of nature. Many Sirians have had numerous lives as American indians and they maintain close ties and memories of these lives. Sirians are very intuitive and visual; they have the ability to see things which others do not.

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