What I see beyond it is a fertile void without form, which I sense contains many new potentials that are still potentials and have not yet been breathed forth into form.

December 16, 2016

When I look ahead to December 16, what I see is that the road I am traveling on simply comes to a complete end. What I see beyond it is a fertile void without form, which I sense contains many new potentials that are still potentials and have not yet been breathed forth into form.

The barrier I have referred to can be thought of as an infinitely high and wide brick wall, past which nothing that is part of this Creation can pass.

The road I am traveling ends at a barrier that is like a massive brick wall.

However, that is not all there is to the picture. This immovable threshold or barrier marks the end of this Creation. It literally is the “end of the road” we are traveling on through 3D.

The road we are traveling on through 3D literally ends.

On the other side of this barrier, the new Creation will be breathed forth, just as our present Creation was breathed forth 4.5+ billion years ago. For now, it is just made up of potentials, which I see as a fertile void that contains them all. No forms are visible to me yet, so this void (which is NOT empty) appears to me something like this:

The fertile void looks something like this when I look at it.

However, from what the Hosts have told us, there is a gap between this Creation and the emergence of the next Creation. There is a complete DISCONTINUITY between the road we are on right now and the road will find ourselves on the other side of that gap.

There is a gap between this Creation and the next one.

In the Message, “The Harvesting of Souls,” they call that gap the “Null Point”:

“In a message that was delivered through J. J. Hurtak some years ago, reference is made to the “respatialization of consciousness” following the Null Point (he called it the Gravity Null Zone). This is very accurate. The Creation is about to be entirely re-created. All the foci of consciousness will be “blinked off” for an immeasurable “moment.” (Time will also cease, as there will be no material reality in that moment and time is a function of material reality; it is the “time” portion of space/time.) On the other side of the “blink,” the “players” in the drama of Creation will find themselves standing on other “spots” on the “stage.” It will be like closing your eyes and then reopening them, only to find that the scene you are looking at has changed drastically.

What this means is that all of the stuff of prediction is rendered null and void. All of the human prophets and seers have seen through the perspective of the present reality. There is no one that is or was in a physical body that can accurately predict what is about to happen or what one will experience after that “blink” has occurred. Each and every Oversoul will be affected in ways that even the Oversouls cannot anticipate. Their only task is to prepare themselves for the event by completing all of their “lives,” harvesting all but one of the souls back into the Oversoul, and retaining one portion of exteriorized consciousness with which to “seed” the new Creation.

There will be many fewer players on the “stage” when the new drama unfolds. You who are reading this message will be among those who are there to experience it, but you will be much changed from your present form and identity. You are being prepared by your Oversoul and overseen by your soul for this event. We are doing our best to prepare you so that you will not be overwhelmed by the magnitude of what is happening and by the new sensations and awarenesses that have begun to enter your consciousness.”

This new Creation will arise in a similar way to how the present Creation came into being. It will arise from a thought and play out through decision points that branch endlessly until all possible combinations and permutations are fully explored, within the parameters of that new Creation. This happens in an instant, even though it will take additional billions of years to play out within linear time.

The Hosts have referred to the kind of formless field I see as a sort of “cosmic soup”:

“In the beginning, all was a sort of cosmic “soup.” Everything was liquid and without defined form. Your scientists have approached this “soup” when they are able to create a plasma by using electromagnetic fields. It is a field or substrate of intelligent energy, but has no form of its own. Out of this intelligent “soup,” all form emerged, self-aware to the extent that it knew it existed, but not able to reflect upon itself. That would appear later in the scheme of things.

In this soup, all things are contained in potential. You cannot see any of them, because they exist only as a potential — a possibility out of many possibilities. We mentioned fractals yesterday. If you think of a decision point — something simple like “What will I have for breakfast?” — you will be able to follow what we are talking about here. You can have many things for breakfast. You could use something that you already have in the house, you could go to the store and buy something else, or you could go to a restaurant and choose from their menu. Even breakfast offers a multitude of possibilities.

These are decision points. They offer many possibilities, not just the two or three of “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.” Each decision leads to other decision points. Let’s say you decide to have eggs for breakfast, as part of your “breakfast” decision. Now you are faced with other decision points: How will you make your eggs? Scrambled? Poached? Fried? Boiled? And the from THAT decision, you will have other decisions to make. What will you have with your eggs? What “goes” with the eggs depends in part on how you decided to prepare the eggs. Scrambled eggs might call for the addition of some milk or onion. Boiled eggs might call for some mayonnaise or salt and pepper.

We use this simple example to show you how one set of possible decisions leads to other possible decisions. Computer programmers would call these “logic branches.” You can go this way (scrambled) or this way (poached) or this way (boiled), and so on. Then once one has chosen to travel through one “gate” to the exclusion of the other ones, other “branches” present [themselves].

In a fractal design, one can see this represented graphically. The origin point produces branches infinitely, as long as the values stay within certain limits. One can “explore” fractals endlessly as long as one stays within those limits. This is the way the Creation unfolds itself from within that cosmic “soup.” It begins to branch immediately by expressing a “set” of possibilities or potentials. Every time a “decision” is made to choose one possibility over the others, that decision point or branch becomes the starting place for a new set of possibilities, as we showed in the breakfast example. But that’s how the whole thing began — with a set of possibilities — so we have just recapitulated the starting point. This is called an “iteration.” An iteration is a cycle through a certain formula. Mathematicians use iterations to solve complex equations.

So this is how the Creation unfurls — through a series of iterations (cycles) of a complex formula that allows for an infinite number of decision points or branches to be explored. But what of the other points or branches? Well, the Creator explores them, too. But how can you have both poached eggs and fried eggs and boiled eggs and scrambled eggs? You probably wouldn’t want to have all of them at the same time. The Creator solves this dilemma by creating separate realities to accommodate all of the possible choices. If one expression of “you” chooses the poached eggs, there will be other expressions of “you” to make the other choices, and they will all go on, branching and branching and branching” (from “The Merging of Realities”)

In “Terra Lesson #2: Building Bridges,” the Hosts tell us much more about this subject, which I encourage you to read on your own, rather than repeat it here. However, I would like to single out certain sentences because I think they directly relate to what we are about to experience.

“From our perspective, there is no linear time, but we do perceive of sequence. … So now, we stand at a certain point in the journey, one that naturally arose from its relationship to the events that have taken place and as the bridge to those that will follow it. … we have ALSO spoken of a time when a threshold is reached that cannot be delayed, a kind of barrier that exists to limit further possibilities from being explored. You might call that the termination point of that particular Creation.”

This is where we stand this week. If my information is correct, December 16 is the termination point for this Creation.

“Through the mechanism of parallel realities, different pathways are charted through linear sequences of events that lead to different conclusions. We have referred to these as timelines. We have also spoken previously of a phenomenon in which people who appear to die on YOUR timeline are continuing just fine on another one. When a “death” occurs, the Oversoul disconnects the silver cord from that extension of itself and that physical body is left behind. This is why there were so many bodies left behind in the disaster that occurred in Asia near the end of December*. Their silver cords were disconnected and withdrawn into their Oversouls, but OTHER bodies created by those SAME Oversouls continued to be supported in other parallel worlds.

Nothing will be lost, but some will pass away from each timeline that is being followed, in the times you are in. When this is complete, the timelines will have separated completely from each other, and the people who occupy different timelines will also be separated from each other. To each person, the “others” will have disappeared, but they will experience themselves as continuing.

YOUR experience is perceived from within linear time; ours is perceived in a perpetual state of “now-ness,” from which we can only estimate things as to when they will emerge at the physical level. Things ALREADY exist as full potentials within “the Mind of God,” but as you have no doubt experienced already, there is a quality of unfolding that requires a passage through linear time for the full manifestation to take place at the observable level of space/time.”

*This refers to the massive earthquake that occurred in Indonesia on December 27, 2004. I just received an email with a link to a video that, if true, suggests a similar pattern is about to repeat on December 26, 2016. It seems plausible to me, but since this occurs AFTER December 16, it may play out differently on different timelines.

NOTE: In researching this issue, I discovered that (once again) there is a lot of “hype” about Planet X/Nibiru about to cause massive earth changes, even the Pole Shift itself, but just as none of the previous hysteria about this purported phenomenon came to anything, I suspect that will also be the outcome now. The late Zechariah Sitchin (the man who identified Planet X/Nibiru and presented references to it in ancient Sumerian manuscripts) said it was not due back in our solar system for another 1300-1600 years, but it seems that the hysteria about it is simply not going away any time soon.

There also appears to be a lot of hysteria going on about a magnetic pole shift, which is NOT the same as a shift in the planet’s axis of rotation. Magenetic pole shifts take place relatively regularly and do not cause the devastation that a shift in the axis of rotation does. I explored this concept in depth in the January 5, 2012 Update, so encourage you to read that again, if you haven’t done so recently. I also encourage you to re-read the Hosts’ most recent Message, received on October 3, 2016.

The events in the outer appear to be following the curve, but I sense a peak has arrived today and that what comes in the next few days will be the resolution phase of everything that appeared during the time between October 31 and now. It’s all in motion, and it’s all part of the ingredients for concluding this Creation with everything in place that is needed to seed the new one.

I personally feel quite emptied out of everything that used to interest me or define me. I am not working for pay right now and have already received everything I was due for work done in the past, so this week I am just tidying up my office and waiting to see what comes next. My husband and I are enjoying life as much as we can while we wait. I suggest you do the same.

Until the next time, love to you all.