The main physical energetic circulators of the Beast Machine on the planet that altered the balanced Natural Rhythm of Gaia have been successfully taken over by the Light and have now begun to spin in the positive direction and emit Light Frequency at ground level.

The imprint upon each Human Soul of the Beast Machine Component, the Capitalist system, has been extensive, even separating the main Churches from God, and the Churches becoming submissive and subservient to the evil system itself. This control of the Church by the Beast is now in Reversal mode as each Church judges itself to which reality to align with, the Righteous one of “do not harm”, or, to remain, support, and condone the ungodly Beast Capitalistic system that inflicts great harm upon Humanity.

The Free Church has a direct Duty and Responsibility to God and Humanity to be the Peer as the planet is cleansed of this ungodly distortion.

The Beast System was the component designed to create misery, suffering, animosity, separation, and classes of People that created the “poverty class”. While great luxury was enjoyed by a few, most suffered at the hands of the evil system and the ungodly separation it caused.

The infected Churches must Repent to be Redeemed, the Divine Plan is on the planet, and there is no escape from what is Just, Right, and Truly Holy. Those not in alignment with this Divine Plan Condemn Themselves, the choice is obvious for the Genuine Ones that See and have not sold Their Soul to the Beast and its attributes.

There are Many Children of God and These Children deserve to be shown the Way to Freedom, not to be led and fed to the Beast of inequality, greed, and enslavement . The onus is upon not only Christianity, however, all beliefs upon the planet to do what is Right and Genuinely align with the Divine Plan.

Love and Light
Rick Jewers🤍🤍🤍

And one day you realize that it wasn’t the game, it was who you watched it with.
It wasn’t about the house you owned. It was the people in it.
It wasn’t about the best coffee ever, but who you made it for.
It wasn’t all the work you put in, but who was in the trenches with you.
It wasn’t the great dinner prepared for you. It was who brought you your plate.
You have to learn how to value the time that someone gives you because that’s something they will never get back. It’s priceless.
When you’re at the end of your years, what’s really going to matter??