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It’s time we stopped avoiding the real terminology here. Forget the politically correct “geoengineering” and “weather manipulation”. What we are seeing in North America, but particularly in the USA is nothing short of DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

It needs to be addressed now as many people who were previously unaware of it have been apprised and they are pissed off.

People, pets and property have been decimated by man-made and directed storms, fires and exotic weaponry.

If an obscure party has declared war on Humanity, then perhaps indirect communication approaches like a Presidential Proclamation for preparedness and an Emergency Wireless Alert are inadequate.

Something more direct is called for when a country is at war. Denizens need to be told in no uncertain terms the status of the situation. Perhaps it’s time for a “State of the Nation” address.

Uncivil war has broken out and the masses are oblivious to a large degree and therefore unable to protect themselves. It’s an unprecedented quandary we’re in and the answers don’t come easy.

I don’t know what the answer is, but when the mainstream media is the enemy, it’s time for extraordinary measures. People need to know about a clear and present danger so they can take responsibility for their own protection.

We in the independent media have done our best to alert the public but we haven’t reached everyone. What would it take to get their attention? ~ CB