We The People’ of Sovereign states for the Global Goals


Please pay attention, this call is to unite not to divide that does the old politics already.


I propose to make a call on many Facebook groups to connect to a new Facebook group with the support of Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Skype, Viber and all other possible ways to support the transition and enforce new form of governance that will completely wipe out the old Globalists politically.

This movement will connect people all over the world with respect for each other’s sovereignty.

Left insidious UN political agenda, and Western existing politics are the source for fake news and lies about their globalist wet dream of a world government of unelected dictators.

Everyone can contribute in their own country and language to participate in this.

The change will happen from the bottom up with respect for the whole humanity that is liberated from Fascism, Communism, Nazism and Zionism.

Let this become a movement now in a few weeks that will grow into the biggest Facebook event of all time.

We all know that the neo-liberals want to become the new communists of tomorrow in order to impose their will on the world’s population and further divide it.

Transgender Agenda, Feminism, Pedophilia, Satanism, Treacherous Religion, MK Ultra, false good man propaganda are their tools to further break down norms and values, and destroy the family.

The family is the cornerstone of society, many weak have destroyed their families to follow this pernicious philosophy and degrade humanity.

This can be seen by the Gays and Lesbians and Salafists individuals in politics.

Our initiative will not be stopped by the existing rulers, we are all Q.

Let this become a movement to declare the UN, and the Marrakech Treaty invalid by the masses who want to live in peace sovereignly.

The Migrants are not going backwards, they will, just like the rest of the world, get their share of prosperity through GESARA, where we will help and support the rest of the world with knowledge, technical advice and action.

Stop the Globalists’ attempt to create Global Chaos, support this action, come in ACTION.

Free health care and education for everyone on earth to evolve together towards a higher consciousness and spiritually connect.

A fitting name seems to me Global People Unite for both Facebook and various website and blogs.

Treaties signed to sow Chaos, death and destruction are not GESARA compatible and not legally valid if they go against the interests of the people.

We will make a better place from the Globe.

Stop Genocide of the Agenda 21 from the UN, fascistic NWO.


Kind Regards
Rinus Verhagen