We the People are Now Awake

By Rinus Verhagen

Dear friends.

1. What happened!

2. Do we agree with that? Do we want to be abused for longer??

3. How are we going to change it! With decisiveness!! Free yourself from this matrix!!!

1. We have long wondered how it is possible that we are in a bad film something we don’t want but do have, and we let it happen without realizing what’s really going on.

Thanks to research from journalists it has become clearer, hospitals are used to produce Heroin and the profits disappear.



How has this been possible Edith Schippers and her husband Sander Spijker had a great family income thanks the Dutch Narcotics Cabinet and Government of a Crime Cartel politics.

Kunduz agreement


Here the Drug Interests of the royal family who are part and head of the Dutch Drugs Mafia are represented.

A Mafia Government that funds from our tax money terror in the Middle East to safeguard the interests of Royal Shell, Shell with a Nazi past by providing Hitler with free fuel during the second world war.



This government has only been able to survive because of our help, which they have forced through deceit and deceit.

2. Since we have had to endure many unwanted things through deceit and deceit, it is now time for a major clean-up.

In 2005, we rejected the constitution of a fascist EU but got a Lisbon Treaty in return without a voice.

This government is deliberately making us ill by spraying us with toxic substances via Chemtrails for years.

The Hague Mafia wants to sign a treaty from Marrakech without a mandate from us as a people, to enable genocide by a proposed peoples by the unelected UN.

3, We will have to start a big clean-up, first we will no longer recognise this government and royal house as part of our society, so they will no longer be allowed to conclude treaties in our name that go against our interests.

We can no longer accept invented laws based on lies and abuse of power.

To deprive this government of the opportunity to continue making their crime against their own people possible, we have a few very effective options.

We are going to cancel the supposed compulsory health care en masse and stop paying money to this institution, much of which has never been spent on care.

SME companies can transfer their personnel to a new BV to be founded, where the employees will receive their Gross Salary Net by not paying any more Wage tax, as a result of which the labour costs and services will become incredibly cheaper, as a result of which the VAT payment with a gigantic mega amounts will be lower.

Harmful Genocide techniques such as G5 or even G6 will not be accepted and disabled if they are introduced anyway, we will ban vaccination if it is not demonstrably beneficial to our health.

We will disseminate the knowledge we have acquired as much as possible so that this can never happen again.

The Netherlands for the Dutch, where double passports are no longer possible.

Reintroduction of the Dutch guilder and border control in order to render the EU in its present form inoperative.

Do not fear to undertake this, thanks to GESARA funds will be released for the population, not for corrupt party politics or criminal royal house.

Politics and King will come to answer for themselves before a Court of War because of the lack of legal legislation,

where these Cabal Bilderberg members will be expropriated with a conviction that is in their crime court.

We are with many and have the real power if you implement these solutions is quickly over, without rioting or violence to apply.

Stop funding our own downfall. be wake up.

Kind Regards
Rinus Verhagen