Wake up call ………….

Wake up Call: St. Germain, July 30, 2015


I am St. Germain, with you once again through this one, and I have some news for you. There is, as I an speaking, an ongoing trade off of the funds that will be circulating around the globe in the time it takes for all of the circuits of sharing to be clear and open to those who are in the mode of a humanitarian blessing coming their way.


I tell you this now because when it came to me that you are all in the process of seeing the truth of what you desire and what you are being told, I also saw that you have been given the word that things are beginning to slow down because of the need for more security. This my dear ones is true and it provides the assumption that so many of the ones who are behind the holdups will take their ground again and run off with the moneys again.


This my dear family is not going to happen. No more are they going to be able to take back and squander the funds in the ways they have been doing. They are no longer in positions where they were, even two months ago. They are now operating from behind closed doors. Those doors are locked by the ones on this planet who are taking so many steps to assure that the cabal does not ever have power here again.


When the cabal gathered together to strike against the people, they did so with the ideas in mind of not only what they would do with the moneys, but also with the idea of being in control of so much more than the moneys. This gave them actually a weaker defense in order to gain strength in the long run. What they did not realize is that now that the people are awakening to what has been going on behind the scenes for so many years, they are seeing the power they have to change the pictures and bring themselves back into the power that was taken from them. They are realizing that their power is the most important, and is stronger than any of the things that have been done in the energy of fear. Yes, though it may not have seemed like fear to even those who operated in it, there were so many instances in which fear was at the uppermost in the reasons that they took the steps they took throughout their supposed mastery of the people.


It was not mastery. It was the exploring of what they could do when they felt threatened by those who stood over them and declared that they do what they were told. These minions around the world were under the surveillance of those who stood their ground and submitted their orders and threats to those who gave into to their fear. Now it is a matter of those who operate from Love, and the knowledge of what can be done in Love, to bring back the sovereignty to the masses of people who have been so manipulated. It is so powerfully expressed that there is no mistaking what is being accomplished. It is a matter of taking every step in peace and Love and seeing the results take hold. Also, of feeling so wonderfully ready for the sharing with people all over the world who are in the mastery of Love and sharing with each other.


My dear ones, I encourage you all to take this process of returning to the Love energies and see how each of you is coming together with the other and feeling the oneness of it. Isn’t it a wondrous feeling! Aren’t you feeling the Love of the mighty and the peace of the ones who give so beautifully to each other! It is indeed a time in which you are all coming back into harmony with each other, all wildlife, and the land. There are already such beautiful steps being taken all around the globe that are making such changes that astound us in so many ways. You are such a group of powerful beings! That is why the knowledge of what is behind it all is being spoken of now, by myself and others. Yes, I speak once again of the continuing information that will be spreading around the globe, along with the energies of the Christ. The Mushaba energy in each of us is being transmitted forth and worked with, danced with, sung with in so many ways.


I now take my leave from this message and sit back and watch more of what is taking place from you all that is so awesome. I so look forward to the walks we will all make together in the various ways in which we resound with Mother Earth, Gaia, and each other. We are all One, and that is being spoken and sung in so many ways. Love is all there is in all the ways that we speak it forth. Go in Peace, Joy and Love.



Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate