Vote Republican, Midterm “Red Wave” is Life!

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Riley

Some people are woefully confused. They think the midterms are just between the Republicans and the Democrats. Those people are wrong! People…do the research, find the truth of the matter and be set free!

To know anything about the USA is to know, that without the current “strong” leadership we have in the Presidency, we all would be smack DAB in the midst of the 3rd world war by now. Obama briefed Trump after the election that was what was going to happen.

But President Trump Took no “guff “ off China and North Korea…and we are not at war!

But the problem with North Korea was only one of the issues. If Clinton had been elected, she would have ushered in the New World Order.

It was her job to do that, and she expected to win. God had other ideas, and praying people listened to God and we are NOT at war for one, and not in the midst of the end of the USA for two!


Vote Republican