‘Virus’: The Spread of a Latin Term for Poison, an enzyme with a bite

Virus’: The Spread of a Latin Term for Poison, an enzyme with a bite

George H.W. Bush

Encoded on the envelope were Numbers ( keys) & after the Military connected them directly & told them to use the numbers to enter a secure hidden Files database that kept all the Information on ALL the Atrocities of the CABAL/ DEEP STATE regimen> including VATICAN ,UN. NATO human trafficking, world drug trafficking, 911 inside Job> JFK assassination [ CIA, FBI, ROCKEFELLERS, ROTHSCHILDS, U.S POLITICAL OFFICIALS ],,,


> MILITARY INTEL had collected every phone data ,computer ,phone calls, text & emails from every individual who received the envelope.

They were all informed

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The corruption of the Biden administration is in clear view

Watch: Bush funeral the envelopes

The plan to save the world started with President Lincoln on April 1 1860 when 20 generals placed Abraham Lincoln into office to fight the Khazarian maffia who created the slave trade and owned 99 of the US slaves.
This plan became fully actived again on Christmas Eve 1963 when when all generals came together to save the world. To this day the battle is coming to an end.

You are a witness a 58 year military delta coming in.
In his speech last week Trump mirrored the drops of several Truth speakers and admitting BIDEN ( deep state , /) Had to win the elections ….

It was the only way the world could see the Corruption….
In his speech he high lighted this concept and more over being direct stating that if he had won the Election things would not have changed and the corruption of MSM and DS would have created much more harder problems and issues to address…… But by BIDEN taking office the Corruption is being EXPOSED….

The election was given to BIDEN as it was part of military OPERATIONS, continuity of government, DEVOLUTION, that will all connect to laws of Wars that ACTIVATED on January 21, 2022 – 12 :a.m.

Since 2017 TRUMP had signed many Executive Order(s) that pertain to DEVOLUTION PLAN and continuity of government ..

Everything your watching and have been watching is well placed PLAN to catch all the atrocities , government corruptions.. and crimes against humanity taking place within United States three branch systems of government which in turns connects to OTHER world government’s and leaders and Elites, > organizations<

It is all about ending the slave trade …
Remember it is al about the children and our children’s future.

Listen to: David Straight explaining Obama Care

BIDEN (actor(s) is a turn coat. He was placed for a reason, by white HATS who placed him for a reason [ INFILTRATION] into the world DEEP STATE SOCIETY CABAL….

( My understanding is all his assets were frozen and he was given/ a choice of DEATH >MILITARY TRIBALS < and everything taking from his family including his future grandchild inheritance….
Or he could become the WORLDS MOST POWERFUL MOLE directly placed in the middle of the DEEP STATE sector [ INFILTRATION]<

Everything your seeing is designed… PELOSI> BIDEN.

>FAUCI>hunter’s laptop that holds the key to DEEP STATE PLAN ( and how it was placed inside the shop in DELAWARE shop< Hunter had to place it was)

There are so mechanisms to this PLAN> TRUMP , 8 U.S. INTEL. AGENCIES, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BATTALIONS , connected to a world wide of WHITE HATS inside the STING OPERATION OF THE CENTURY to save the World….

…. Exposing COV-19

Not many people know the real meaning of a virus….
The virus: the spread of a latin term for poisonous secretion

Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals the BOMBSHELL origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and treatment


Must Watch Breaking: 12-02-2022

VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER

Today, Natural News reached out to Gilead Sciences, requesting an interview with their Chief Science Officer to answer these allegations and present their side of the story on this important issue.
So far, no response has been received from Gilead.


More Information and Interview w/ Dr. Bryan Ardis, exposing The Serpent of CV-19

Related documents mentioned in this interview


  • Inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum phospholipase A2 by chloroquine, quinine, and arteether. Inhibition of the plasmodial phospholipase A2 may, therefore, be relevant for the therapeutic action of this drug.
  • Antimalarials inhibit human erythrocyte membrane acetylcholinesterase
    The current study examined the ability of antimalarials chloroquine (CQ), primaquine (PQ), and quinine (Q) to inhibit human erythrocyte membrane acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and the mechanisms underlying their inhibitory action.


  • Inhibition of hemorrhagic activity of viper venoms by N-acetyl cysteine: involvement of N-acetyl and thiol groups
  • How nicotine can inhibit cytokine storm in the lungs and prevent or lessen the severity of COVID-19 infection?
  • The Indian cobra reference genome and transcriptome enables comprehensive identification of venom toxins
    …. with 19 scaffolds containing 95% of the genome. … 19 ‘venom-ome-specific toxins’ (VSTs) that showed venom-gland-specific expression, and these probably encode the minimal core venom effector proteins.


Scientist sequence entire genome of King Cobre already in December 2013!!!!


An Enzyme with a Bite

The role of the sPLA2-IIA enzyme has been the subject of study for half of a century and it is “possibly the most examined member of the phospholipase family,”.
Charles McCall, lead researcher from the Wake Forest School of Medicine on the study, refers to the enzyme as a “shredder” for its known prevalence in severe inflammation events, such as bacterial sepsis, as well as hemorrhagic and cardiac shock.

Previous research has shown how the enzyme destroys microbial cell membranes in bacterial infections, as well as its similar genetic ancestry with a key enzyme found in snake venom.
The protein “shares a high sequence homology to the active enzyme in rattlesnake venom and, like venom coursing through the body, it has the capacity to bind to receptors at neuromuscular junctions and potentially disable the function of these muscles,”



Astonishingly, it is rapidly becoming apparent in the aftermath of the Dr. Bryan Ardis revelations about snake venom origins for covid-19 that many people are completely unaware that snake venom is commonly used as the starting point for pharmaceutical research.
Earlier today, a UK company literally named “Venomtech” announced a massive venom peptide and venom fragment library to be used for drug discovery by pharmaceutical companies (as well as pesticide used for agricultural companies).

You think this is a coincedence?


Posted July 6, 2021

Moderna co-founder using mRNA technology to treat venomous snakebites

After his research around mRNA technology paved the way for the rapid introduction of an effective Covid-19 vaccine, the co-founder of Moderna realized he wasn’t quite ready and Rossi ended his. relationship with Moderna in 2014.
Today, Rossi is no longer with Moderna and dedicates much of his time to a new passion: preventing the hundreds of thousands of debilitating injuries and deaths that happen each year due to venomous snakebites.

You think this is a coincedence?

The Extraordinary Story of How Governments Suppressed Effective COVID Treatments and Targeted Physicians Who Prescribed Them

These final moments CABAL DEEP STATE are FIGHTING for their life across the world and using every last evil plot they have to not be EXPOSED

As you see now more and more countries are EXPERIENCING the COLLAPSE..
Food, gas, supply chains ..> (Food supply for cattle in chaos) Chicken prices are soaring….

> World ELITEs have pulled their MONEY from wall street and sold their stock

> Delaware companies are collapsing

> and more truth is coming what will bring more chaos.

Obama and Biden family invested in biolabs around the world.
Deleted Web Pages Show Obama Led an Effort To Build a Ukraine-Based BioLab Handling ‘Especially Dangerous Pathogens’.


Claiming the Biden’s & various other democrats’ evil doings were on record & being blackmailed by the CCP & that Nancy Pelosi was sent copies of those evil doings as a warning to make sure at all costs, Joe Biden won the election. …ie, steal the election from President Trump, in whatever way it takes. …. Covid-19 helped with that..

Inside the Hunter BIDEN laptop is a blue print of the World Agenda [DS] Plan to create a fake PANDEMIC/ kill humans/ All the Deep State presidents/ prime ministers and Elites..from oil companies, to world BANKS to Major media outlets to Bill Gates> Ukraine INFILTRATION by the DNC and around the world corruption connected to HRC. OBAMA> BIDEN<

Watch: found on Hunter Biden’s laptop (disturbing)

MAXEY’s I.T Team top cyber forensics experts at Maryman & Associates examined the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop to determine its authenticity. His partner, Dr. Joseph Greenfield, is an associate professor at the University of Southern California and helped write their degree program in intelligence and cyber operations. After an extensive analysis of the hard drive, Greenfield and Maryman produced a report for DailyMail.com detailing their findings.

‘The operating system timestamps appear to be authentic, and no evidence was found to suggest that the timestamps or data were altered or manufactured,’ the report said. ‘No indications were found that would suggest the data was manufactured.’

MAXEY has stated to several friends.. All DELETED DATA photos videos on the computer and hard drive were found and fully restored…..

Watch: the President of the USA; Joe Biden (warning; very disturbing)

> Including All the pedophilia

> including the DEEP STATE WORLD AGENDA with evidence connecting world officials and organizations

The laptop went into the hands of Military courts and they have everything already backed up and stored. What your watching now is DECLASS HAPPENING

>KEEP YOUR EYES TO DELAWARE= HUNTER Biden in hidden secret court with family testifying against him ( its Reported that Hunter is operating with the investigations and coming indictments DELAWARE>WHERE HUNTER BIDENS LAPTOP WAS DISCOVERED …

the same DELAWARE> VISA > MASTERCARD are shutoff from Russia Banks ( but the mainstream media is saying the opposite)

The [COLLAPSE ] of the DEEP STATE Central Banking SYSTEM in free fall
Everything your watching is connected….

The fiat U.S. DOLLAR is COLLAPSING>> but behind the fake [DS] dollar is real coins, metal ( precious gold/silver) Which will create the new Dollar/system, Backed by gold……

The LARGEST recovery of stolen World GOLD and ASSETS holdings was recovered in 6 underground bunkers including the VATICAN, Venice, Roman Underground bunkers in 2016 December. ONLY days after TRUMP took office and placed by WHITE HATS>> military INTEL….

The GOLD is in SECURE LOCATIONS and recently been delivered to Major countries..

And will be used after the COLLAPSE of the current deep state money system..

POTUS bankrupted The 3 Pillars : Washington D.C, Vatican & City Of London. SEE THOSE OPERATIONS I LISTED in 2019 against the UK Royals & Operation Defender Europe on St Patrick’s Day 2020 (Vatican, EU Royals & Central Banks.)

Then he wrote 3 Executive Orders (13818, 13848 & 13959) write up including the LIMA Agreement of 1975 signed by Gough Whitlam selling Australia to the United Nations. POTUS has seized all Royal Assets & New York Stock Exchange which has AUSTRALIA & PFizer listed. He is by Default the owner of Australia.

As of February 1 Russia is taking control of the United Nations.

A message from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to all the nations of the world:

Dear citizens of our wonderful planet Earth!
I, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, decided to address all of you directly, bypassing diplomats, your rulers and journalists.

In Russia, there is such a thing as “the time of surrender”, where you cannot lie, deceive and play. That’s why I’m going to be honest so everyone can check the truth of my words.
Russia is a great and rich country. The main value is more than 150 peoples who live on a territory where justice is above all. We don’t need new territories. We have plenty of energy and all other resources.

Since the time of the Great Tartaria and the Great Mogul, the peoples of northern European have evolved not because of looting in the crusade wars and colonization of America, Africa, India, drug addiction in China, but thanks to their hard work and peacekeeping.
Those who know Russian understand that “Russian” is an adjective for all the peoples of our country. Russian Slovenians, Russian Tatars, Russian Jews, Russian Evenkas and so on are Russians in the soul, although their culture, language, lifestyle may differ. We salute this diversity of unity.

Once again, the Russian people of Russia are forced to sacrifice their lives, protecting the world from Nazism and fascism. We exchanged 50 of our prisoners of war for 50 Ukrainian soldiers.
Ukrainian soldiers received medical assistance in our hospitals, ate three large meals a day and returned home.

We received Russian soldiers with their fingers cut off and reproductive organs. Not even the Nazis did this during the last war. We will present these evidence in a future court.

Watch Graphic nazi azov battalion putting someone on a cross (very disturbing)

Shame on anyone who supports these scoundrels now.
Your rulers in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries have stood on the side of these subhumans, who have put civilians, pregnant women and children in front of them, intentionally harming prisoners of war.

It’s hard for me to imagine a healthy, healthy person supporting these monsters. And your Bidens, Scholars, Macron and other dark-fashioned Democrats not only protect criminals, but also actively arm them, supply them with money, which is not enough to keep prices in your countries low.

Prices are rising, the world is collapsing, but not because the Russians are cleansing Europe of Nazis evil spirits, but because you don’t watch and actually support a new wave of Nazism.

This time we are not going to Berlin. We will stand on our historical borders, and all the Nazis evil spirits, to whom your rulers wide open, will arrange a new “crystal” life, as the Nazis did, adding reproductive organs circumcised.

I appeal to all who want to live and work in peace, to raise children and to be friends with the nations of the world. Help Russia fight the new cancer – Ukrainian Nazism.
Not Ukraine where peaceful and valuable people live, but Nazism, fed by hawks from the USA and NATO for your taxes.

If your rulers support Nazism, chase them out three doors, take power into your own hands. Ukrainian Nazis protect themselves from bullets of civilians, their rulers, under the pretext of terrible Russia, also decided to transfer the burden of high prices and upcoming troubles to the population. Both in Ukraine and in you, Nazis live well behind the backs of ordinary citizens, and ordinary people should suffer – these are identical crimes in both Ukraine and the West.

If we unite, then in another week there will be no Nazis in Ukraine, normal life will return to Europe, the USA and other countries, and together we will judge Ukrainian Nazis and all the rulers who support Nazism in the new tribunal. Our goal is the right one. We will defeat the nazism. I would like to share this win with everyone together as soon as possible. Our goal is the right one.

> if you don’t know already… Over 3 BILLION people across the EARTH just went into the new Gold Back system the Whites HATS have put in place thru CHINA, RUSSIA, > INDIA and Saudi Arabia and many other Asian countries are now trading on the Gold back SYSTEM…(within 72 hours the system was running great 👍 )/// > GASARA begins….

So they are now ready for the Transition to Greatness that POTUS always tweeted = Transition to GESARA.

Military forced all leaders Worldwide previously behind closed doors to sign GESARA LAW. (POTUS calling out Border Wall Meters was countries being signed off on GESARA)

It was then taken to the HAGUE. International Court Of Justice in the Netherlands to be signed off.

Recently the Common Law Court in Canada has charged and convicted multiple corporations for Crimes Against Humanity. This court connects to one in Brussels and also THE HAGUE as mentioned.

All Kings, Queens, Royals, Govts, Judges, Police & Lawyers MUST STANDOWN WORLDWIDE.
The Corrupt ones will be arrested by Military.

There will be up to a 120 Day Transition of GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW where we have BLOCKCHAIN ELECTIONS to elect 1 Group of people for the people, 10% the size of what they are currently.

No longer 2 Parties ie Dems/Reps & Libs/Lab.

If in the future they go against the people the military will remove them.

Will be transitioning to 1776 Common Law for ALL on PLANET EARTH.

Important dates

April 15 – Titanic

April 16 = President Lincoln signed the the Compensated Emancipation ACT ending Slavery
GEORGE is highlighting April 16. It is the day Joe will fail in his press conference with Japanese Leader?

April 17 – President Kennedy Lead the Bay Of Pigs Invasion know as the 3 Day War known as the Bay Of Pigs.

April 19 – Patriotsday: George Washington leads the 1st American Revolution. Patriots Day/Lexington & Concord

April 20 – 150th Anniversary of the 1871 Act of England. This has been reversed.
Since the Act of 1871 which established the District Of Colombia, we have been living under The UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is owned by certain International Bankers and aristocacy of Europe & Britain

It will be biblical. Time to pray.
God bless us all.

Agatha Christie 2Q