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Republic Update
November 1, 2016


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” — Ernest Hemingway


Good Morning Heroes,

So it’s obvious amazing public events are now happening, but probably not happening fast enough for you.  However, it’s finally November 1 and so much has occurred prior to this date.

The primary objective of the NPTB has been achieved in the United States, the USA, Inc has been defeated, the Republic has been restored, the fiat USD has been replaced with new USN currency backed in gold, and our nation’s good standing has been restored in diplomatic circles worldwide.  And all was done in background as to not scare the general populous.

The military has also gone through some seismic transitions, solders were asked to pick sides… support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or the cabal.

Fascinating stuff, yet there are many families going through some very difficult transitions in order to reset this nation. Lots of innocent children caught in their parents decision making crossfire.

People speak of the coming open revolt, but in truth, our society is so asleep, it wont.  As it was determined long ago by our nation’s largest creditors (China & Russia) before the USA, Inc. went bankrupt on December 24, 2012, that transitioning this nation would be easiest and safest by letting Americans remain asleep and doing everything behind the scenes.

That’s how bad our collective attention had become, we went gone through a 15 years world war and our country was completely revamped structurally, monetarily and militarily… without nary a clue by most to all of our citizenry.  Dead asleep like helpless infants in a entertainment, food and sports coma.

It’s a sad day in our nation’s history in many respects.  Yet for those handful of us paying close attention over the last dozen years or more, and some who actually participated as White Hats, today is our glorious victory day.  Our V-Day if you will.  But who do we celebrate with?  Who do we pat on the back?  I suppose our currency redemption is the reward… I suppose… still… we saved our country from immanent collapse and there’s something empty about the zeros in comparison to that.

OK, so what we’re all waiting now is not money ironically.  Everything financial that needed to happen has finally occurred successfully, as multiple hydration wires with gold backed digital funds upwards of two dozen zeros have been received by the new Republic Treasury for the purpose of running and rebuilding our nation.

No coincidence this coincided perfectly with the last week before the November 8 election drama that’s now publicly playing out.  Oh, my Hillary’s a thief, liar and lesbian.  Really?  Have we not known for like decades.  LOL.  Whatever, let’s now  suspend the elections and release the financial kracken.

Hey, if you’ll recall it was mentioned here, months earlier, that neither Hillary or The Donald would be President.  At that time, we said that both Syphilis and Herpes would walk away from this Presidential election unfulfilled, one for health reasons (Hillary) and one for Patriotic reasons (Donald), allowing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to be sworn in as our 45th President by Constitutional succession law.  Well that’s already happened by the way.

Then if you’ll remember we said there would be a short campaign cycle between Interim President Republican Paul Ryan / Mike Pence and Democratic Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren, of which Ryan / Pence would win in a landslide and be our American President for two terms, fixing all that ailed America.  Trump would back our and stump for Ryan, the interim Republic President, and be made to look like a hero for defeating Hillary.

Well hate to say we told ya so, but it looks like that crazy theory will now be proven accurate, although the timeline was off.

Turns out the NPTB waited till the last possible second of President Obama’s second term before pulling that trigger, as again, they didn’t want to upset the sleeping general populous, thus avoiding potential riots in the urban cities due to the replacement of America’s first black President.  Also, we believe they didn’t want heaps of our new gold backed money to artificially influence the new election cycle–as we understand the spending will be fixed to a very low amount–without any corporate or large private donations–as it should be.

Many of our friends and family are going to now get to see the work many of us have been putting in quietly in the dark of night, on conference calls, reading, studying, investigating, asking tough questions, etc.. as the USA, Inc. now public untangles and terminates before our eyes, including the introduction of a new domestic USN rainbow currency and first basket revaluation globally.

Suggestion: Don’t punish people for not being as awakened as yourself.

We all do the best we can for what we know, right?  Some just know more than others.  Remember, you weren’t always this enlightened, this well positioned, this much of a leader.  So handle your victory now with grace and humility versus boasting with brash arrogance and spitting revenge venom at the faces of the vanquished.

Let being right and rich be enough.

Yes, people really will “dirty their depends” as Gerry McGuire liked to say… just let them with dignity.  Yet if they come to you with an innocent tone asking for an truthful explanation, give it to them, but don’t sell them on anything.  Say it and let them marinate in the truth and/or struggle with their ignorance.  Don’t get caught up in their drama to understand and drag you back into confusion.  Truth is, they didn’t put in the time or go through the gauntlet of fear or doubt to get across to this other side.

It’s best to move on to higher more loving frequencies and simply drop your sword of righteousness.

Know the sovereign rate on the ZIM now exceeds $22,000 USN and moving ever upwards towards $25,000 USN, which means now that Zimbabwe officially declared yesterday that their new bonds are legal tender or currency, their old bonds/currency are now convertible.  Other sovereign rates include:

IQD & IRR $221 USN
VND $128 USN
IDR $102 USN

RayRen suggesting there’s a 1 to 1 ratio as an on-screen market rate is actually somewhat accurate, on the surface, but we know better don’t we folks.  There’s an open check book for early private exchangers regarding the ability to access these hidden off screen sovereign rates, as the NPTB want enormous sums of money to hit the streets quickly and be disbursed by the awakened public out to the sleeping masses–and right before the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday/shopping season I might add–pretty smart macro economic planning if you’re trying to stimulate a stagnant economy in order to jolt your own, huh!?

The Chinese are master planners.  Russians too.  Talented geopolitical chess players to say the least.  The USA, Inc had no chance.  Fear never triumphs over love.  Never.

So feel free to ask and received whatever number you feel comfortable managing–money is no longer an issue for those of us who were fortunate enough to be paying attention–and by all means give this season and all seasons to your heart’s content.  That’s just the reality of our new world, in our new Republic, with our new gold backed money, and new benevolent military protecting the Constitution and Bill of Rights… all because some of us were lucky enough to be paying obsessive attention to historical detail, and thus position ourselves, our families, our communities, our cities, our country, our continent, our species and our planet on the right side of universal history.


Aloha Ke Akua
(God is Love)