Via Executive Order 13818,

The deep state operated as a live/digital battlefield, creating and fabricating stories for the world to consume. Often using CGI to create their entire story, or using their famous crisis actors repeatedly. They’ve created ‘QAnon’ when there is simply ‘Q’ and ‘anons’

The deep state used this framing, to create the illusion and control of the flow of information. The media, often referred to as the 4th branch of the Government, in collusion with Big Tech, controlled by Operation Paperclip and their previous Reptilian puppet masters.

Using Al to create their stories, you’ll notice the pattern in articles and headlines worldwide. Why aren’t they ‘LIVE’ on the scene with cameras and crews, but use greenscreens?

Just like the International Space Station has green screens in their pools, do they ever show the science experiment room – or just 4 actors standing with harnesses next to each other with a green screen.

Via Executive Order 13818, Donald Put Them FRONT And CENTER For The World To See.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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