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Dinar Chronicles

There is a lot I just can’t say without endangering people. What I can say is that a major event happened in Reno today that will most likely escalate the implementation of NESARA. This kind of Intel is never a guarantee, but it impresses me that it creates an urgency that has been missing from the picture prior to today.

I am watching for major action on NESARA. If it happens, we move forward in a broader, more complete way. We should dance in private until things settle down. If I wake and it didn’t, I will go hug my kids each day tightly and be grateful we are transitioning more quietly. Personally, I want this to go and go big. I am tired of seeing Dunford back off again and again. It is time to get the job done and have faith that the people will stand behind the truth. Frightening to be in his shoes, I imagine. I would be irritable if I had multiple attempts on my life, too.

While there is a potential for radical and strong action, it is best to keep to your homes or offices. Just put off the things you think are so necessary and stay home until this stabilizes one way or another, will you? I recommend laying low through this week.

A schedule was issued by Reno for the “release to use” actions for the public. I will give you the schedule, but realize that these horrendous actions today have probably accelerated the time frames.

Reno schedule issued this morning was to release authorization codes for Tier 1 & 2 payments to full use tomorrow morning and flowing through Thursday. Tier 3 “release to use” to occur Thursday night and Friday on wire transfers as previously entered. Under that schedule the 800# release would be tentatively indicated for Thursday night or possibly Friday to coincide with the Tier 3 release.

You are certainly saying, but why not Monday night? Why not tonight? Why delayed? It is not a delay so much as they simply get to decide on the exact moment. In this case, the New Republic has had to protect Dunford from at least three attempts on his life in the last week or so. That tends to distract a time line.

That said, the motive is greater and may shorten that time frame.

It just goes to show what a serious event this is. It isn’t just simple humanitarian funding. It is life and death global power shifts as we’ve never seen before. Be glad you’re not on the very front lines of it.

Lots of decisions, lots of action.

Bottom line, the 800 registration number release could hit any time between tonight and Friday and it will be incorporating the time sequence as originally outlined by the G20 to the Exchange Committee whom they appointed.

The best way we can support right now is prayer, simply prayer. Keep positive and exercise whatever faith you have.

I shall notify if I become aware of an imminent action on any of the above and am allowed to communicate it.

As you say your evening prayers tonight, remember General Dunford and his brave men and the difficulties they face for our benefit and for those White Hats that have given their lives, may God keep you.


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