Dinar Chronicles

The Following are thoughts of how the Republic will be restored.

TZX Intelligence Report
Posted on October 29, 2016

The biggest question about this journey, “How is this RV/GCR/NESARA/GESARA/Republic Restoration going to happen?”.

After hearing about General Dunford trying to calm down the US Military from taking over D.C. (LINK), the following came to my head.

This is what I expect to happen:

  • On the news, the FBI will charge and arrest Hillary Clinton thus cancelling the election.
  • The FBI will also discover that Obama and Biden were involved.
  • Obama and Biden will either resign or be arrested.
  • Next in line, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will take the oath of office.
  • There may or may not be disclosure about the USA, Inc.
  • Paul Ryan and the US Military will declare on the news that there is nothing to worry about and that they’ve setup an interim government.
  • New elections will be held.
  • Trump will hand over his candidacy to Paul Ryan.
  • Bernie Sanders will be the only democrat remaining to run against Paul Ryan.
  • Paul Ryan is expected to win.
  • Republic Restored.

If what all of these New Republic Updates have been reporting are true, then we should have a smooth transition.

I also believe that the redemption’s will begin under the cover of all of this.

This has been TZX Intelligence, ending report.

What Should Happen…

by Truth and Reality

What really should happen:

  • Hillary is arrested/charged with not one but many possible criminal offenses. It may include murder(s) as well.
  • The 2016 Presidential Election is delayed, but not canceled. After the announcement of the restored Republic; new candidates are announced.
  • The announcement of the New or Restored Republic is heard all around the World. Pre-taped messages are played on air, to explain to the American citizens what is going on.
  • These pre-taped messages, will explain how the original Constitution was replaced and the USA, Inc. was formed by the cabal.
  • Both President Obama and VP Biden may either resign and/or be arrested.
  • Other high ranking cabal members are arrested, and it may include the arrests of three previous Presidents.
  • If Paul Ryan is found to be NOT truly aligned with the cabal, then Interim President Gen. Dunford, will help facilitate the Presidential Oath of Office ceremony. Otherwise, American citizens will be explained the truth, and the Restored Republic awaits the outcome of the delayed Presidential election. Either way, new fair elections happen.
  • As for the RV/GCR, it can happen any time, after the announcement of the restored Republic and the implementation of NESARA.
  • Once the new election process of not just Presidential candidates, but all of Congress as well is finished; then after a new hopeful atmosphere of political peace and harmony is established, then we can move on to the announcement of ‘Disclosure’, which is the formal acknowledgement of our brothers/sisters in inner/hollow Earth and from space.
  • The whole World can move forward and celebrate the Grand Jubilee.

Hopefully, calmer heads will prevail and common sense realized by those ignorant of what happened to their, so called government in the past. There is so much information, many following the RV/GCR, may not even know has occurred. Much of that information, will definitely make one’s blood boil. All of that information, needs to flow outward and soon. Yes, it is found on the internet, and maybe the taped messages, will tell ALL…. GOD BLESS US ALL!!

Truth and Reality Seeker