“Truth Revolution”

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By AK

In a recent interview, Kerry Cassidy from Camelot spoke to Lucas Alexander about the “Truth Revolution” and then went on to say via another interview to Kevin Moore and Richard Dolan, “Kiss my ___________”. Is that any way to address the noble knights of the Round Table? Would Queen Guinevere say that? Nay. Let us then kick the verbiage up a notch. Please watch “Futurama” and note the lines of Sir Bender, the alcoholic robot, Kerry. He would say “Kiss my SHINY METAL ________________”. And that is what Part II of AKAKAKA is all about isn’t it?

If LMH was reporting valid information about those Grey Alien uploads from the massage table, that is the Mechaloid within the Mechaloiid …. the OS (Operating System) SW being streamed with all its application programs which can give a comprehensive description of how to make HW robots as well as “Hubrids” (Jacobs) and “Humaliens” and Cyborgs. Just as the Roswell Pilot-Preacher in 1947 could upload and then download into Sgt Matilda O’Donnell’s body and impress her into service as a nurse tending to blood-sucking Insectilins, those OS Greys a la LMH/Baltimore can download into Grant Cameron and impress him into service as one chosen (a “chosen one”) to teach and preach that Grey Mechaloids are not here to eat our children, rape our women and steal our gold despite the thousands of cases in the ALIEN CRIME FILES of LMH, Jacobs/Hopkins, Yvonne Smith and Dave Paulides which show that Alien criminality and evil is far worse than that.

Every Homo not-So-Sapiens on this flat earth experiences hundreds of prima facie truths every day and most are trivial. Which truths are the most important for us to discuss at Skookum 2020? Why play around with small truths like the truth about Sandy Hook School in 2012 which Professor Fetzer et al do not think is important enough to post on Psychiatric-Research list before a thousand discussants led by psychiatrists and psychologists in practice and academia? Let’s deal with one of his BIG (“Skookum”) truths like 9/11 and especially the WTC 7 truth as expressed by his friend Jesse Ventura. Or has Mr V also been turned into a “body snatched” zombie like Sgt O’Donnell? Did Jesse Ventura unwittingly bring “The Predator” back into US from Central America as an astral body/OS which has multiplied (gone viral) and caused a US pandemic of BSS (Body Snatch Syndrome)?

Have you met Ventura, Camelot? Can you ask him about WTC 7 R on Russia Today and also if he started the BSS epidemic? Would Dr LMH prescribe massage therapy?

What other truths should we talk about? What is your list of the biggest of the big (SKOOKUM) truths? Before Senator Flake rides off into the sunset, whatempirically-verifiable truths would he list? Harrison Lake – flat or contoured is one. How about a theodolite+laser making one mile hops to surface spads/buoys all 37 miles to the north end from the south shore at the hot springs? Would that satisfy Rex Bear’s friend Alabama at NASA enough for him to take bets from all NASA staff?