Trinity, The Ultimate “Narrative”, and Politically Correct

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2


FatherNimrodOsiris / TatenenZeusJupiterElFather
MotherSemiramisIS (Isis)MaryDianaIs (Isis)Holy Spirit
SonTammuzRa / HorusHeliosApolloRaJesus
AntichristDagonSet / SethHadesLuciferSatanSatan / Lucifer

The “Holy Spirit” is symbolized with a Dove. The Roman (Latin) word for dove is Colombo. We derive Columbia and District of Columbia from dove. (Different cultures have different names for the same entities.)

The Eucharist is also called “the shield of the god of dawn”.

The Challis symbolizes the feminine (moon goddess).

The god of dawn is Lucifer.

The Logo for Columbia Pictures is a woman holding a torch. She is holding a torch for her dead husband (Nimrod).

She is Semiramis, Isis, Mary, Diana, The Whore of Babylon (She is a whore because she married her Son after her husband died) It’s good to be the Queen! (You only get to be Queen if you are married to the king, and her son was the king when her husband died) The Trinity is far older than 2000 years.

The Trinity of ancient Religion is where we get the concept of Father Time and Baby New Year, When the Old Year dies; he is replaced with a New One. Christianity associates this with the birth of Jesus, and Resurrection.

Apollo / Lucifer are one entity with two personalities, one by day, the other by night. The story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is an allegory for Apollo / Lucifer (Sun Worship). The good Doctor heals the sick by day, and the Monster commits mayhem by night. The “GOD” on the back of the Dollar is Apollo / Lucifer symbolized by the All Seeing Eye and a Phoenix masquerading as an eagle (Lucifer is a liar). The “GOD” of Banksters is a Psychopath. The Deep State worships Psychopathy; their “GOD” is a Psychopath. See ally the “eagles” (Phoenixes) associated with Alphabet Soup agencies of government (FBI, CIA, IRS, USDS, etc).

Father Time is symbolic of Satan as are Black Cubes, Hexagrams, and Mecca (Black Cube). Allah = Satan

This is not meant to be controversial, it is meant to be truthful. If I made a mistake, please correct me, with evidence.

The Ultimate “Narrative”


Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) – Uncle Teddy Roosevelt

The Ultimate “Narrative”

The Legal System and Colorable Law hold the Ultimate Narrative:

Some men and women believe they are something other than men and women. Are you a Doctor, Lawyer, Attorney, Judge, Manager, CEO, Architect, Policeman, Fireman, etc? Does your position give you permission to look down on your fellow man? No policeman came out of his mother’s womb in blue uniform with a badge and gun. No Doctor with a stethoscope around his neck. No judge with a gavel in his hand. Do you have a diploma, a Certificate of Authenticity; proof you are superior to your fellow man?

If you think you are a judge, policeman, or other title of authority; you are as insane as Uncle Teddy, because all men are created equal and remain so until death. Any and all superiority is pure insanity, but this insanity is reinforced by Colorable Law (Legal Fiction / Make Believe). The lunatics are running the asylum. This is precisely what L. Frank Baum was trying to tell us with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. When Miss. Gulch can take Toto from Dorothy when the dog has done “No Harm” the lunatics are in control of the Narrative. “Toto, we’re no in Kansas any more.” Toto and Dorothy are in The State of Kansas (Corporation) Fantasy Land (Munchkin Land).

There are three domains of Law:

God’s Law (Natural Law):

Only God makes men and women, cats and dogs, apples and oranges, gravity and electricity. God’s Law rains supreme with no Armey or force of arms to maintain it’s authority.

Common Law:

The Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) Equality is the second domain of Law. “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” is paramount!

Colorable Law:

All other Codes, Acts, and Statutes are Colorable Law and totally and completely subordinate to the first two forms of Law. Unfortunately the lunatics who practice and enforce Law have for their own convenience; obscured and forgotten this fact. This fact robs them of their assumed NARITIVE that they are the Law; that they are Superior.

Lunatics can argue with the Law, but they can never prevail as long as the truth of Law is told.

God makes Law, man makes Fiction.

Make America Great Again
(By restoring Common Law)

Politically Correct

Guns make people kill
Spoons make people fat
Socialism makes people free
Pens make people misspell words
Alcohol makes people drive drunk
Cancer is a lack of surgery, radiation, or chemicals
Embracing this logic is politically correct / liberal
Rejecting this logic is responsible / conservative